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I’m a Total Klutz [Fan]

Update: We have a winner!  Click here to find out who.  

My kids and I love Klutz activity books!  The classic Klutz books are durable spiral bound instructional arts and crafts or activity books for girls and boys with an attached pocket or compartment with supplies.  Klutz activities are always thoughtful, the pages are engaging, and the instructions are clear and specific.  There is one for almost any interest you can imagine and with many under $20, they make great birthday gifts!

While the books last forever the supplies do not.  In addition to being able to order refill packs from the Klutz, you can buy many of the more common materials in larger quantities at craft stores.

I do not just recommend anything and everything.  As a product designer and a discriminating, value focused mom, it is a big deal when I recommend something especially with this level of enthusiasm!

Giveaway details…

That is why I am super-duper excited to have had the opportunity to check out these three new titles and bring to you the first ever Doodles and Jots GIVEAWAY (US Residents only please)!!!  To receive one change to win your choice of: Star Wars Folded Flyers, Mini Capsters Jewelry, or Splat Art, leave a comment, for 2 more chances, share a link to this post with one of my share button below, and for 3 more changes, subscribe to Doodles and Jots via RSS feed/email.  That is a total of 6 changes!  Don’t forget to tell me what you did so you get the right amount of chances.

The winner will be chosen at random and announced a week from today.  Specifically, I will close comments at 8pm EST on June 28th, select a winner at random, then post and notify the winner via email.

The Reviews…

Star Wars Folded Flyers (Make 30 paper starfighters)
ages 8 and up

Boy did my son and I have fun with this one!  Star Wars is his thing lately since he has an eight year old Star Wars fanatic for a cousin who he wants to be just like.  In this book there are instructions for building 6 ships (not planes, I was set straight).  Each “ship” has a 2 page spread with a detailed spaceship rendering and other boys stuff followed on the following pages by instructions and what the paper version will look like.  Kudos to the Klutz designers for creating realistic looking Star Wars ships out of paper!  No spiral binding or pocket on this book but it really doesn’t need it.  It stays open to your page nicely and in the back are perforated pages for building 5 ships and also a page of tape pieces.  We built the Millennium Falcon, Two Jedi Starfighters (one is a gift for favorite cousin), and a T-65 X-Wing.  They fly great especially the T-65 X-Wing!  Kudos again to Klutz for superb aerospace engineering!

example instructional page layout

constructed examples; T-65 X-Wing on top


Mini Capsters Jewelry (Turn Bottle caps into wearable art)
ages 10 and up

“Caspters”, are bottle caps decorated inside and/or out with decoupage elements and beads.  This classic Klutz style book shows you how to make these along with necklaces, bracelets, and earring for showcasing your capsters.  This is perfect girly fun!  In fact my son was giving me a neglected look as my daughter and I were cheerfully choosing bottle cap embellishments.  She decided to make 3 of the braided charm bracelets.  One for herself and the other two for school friends.  The finished capsters are really cool but be forewarned, you must then wait a day to construct the jewelry item to allow them to dry completely.  So plan ahead!  I was surprise this one was new.  It seems like an instant classic!

instructional layout, how to make capsters

jewelry items you can make


Splat Art: Blops & Dribbles In Need of Your Scribbles
ages 8 and up

This one is MY favorite!  If I wouldn’t feel guilty about it, I would keep this one for myself.  Each page had a different inkblot or splatter for you to interpret, then turn into a work of art or silly something by adding hand-drawn details, backgrounds, and notes.  I really do think this book would be a great gift for a child OR a grown-up.  These kinds of doodle exercises are a great way to clear you head, release some stress, or just relax and be creative on a rainy Saturday this summer.  Other cool things about this book:  the subtle art instruction that you can choose to use or not and the shear variety of shapes, object, and textures to interpret!  This one is FUN!

sample pages (make bugs)

sample page (make funny faces on the faces)

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Love Klutz too?  Did you know you can upload images and videos of your Klutz creations here for the world to see?!

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Additional Klutz titles we have and love…

  • Hand Art: Super simple to follow instructions for tracing hands to create a variety of animals which you can then decorate with googly eye and pom-poms.
  • Rescue Trucks: This one comes with mini cars and customizable race tracks for “vrooming” on.
  • Mix & Match Drawing: My daughter waited months until Christmas for this fun and handy instructional drawing book she uses all the time.
  • Lego Crazy Action Contraptions: Make cool mechanical devices that do stuff!  My 4 year old need lots of help but loves this one.
  • My Style Studio: Mix and match fashion elements, trace, and then add texture and color.  Lots of girl fun here too!

Thanks for visiting and good luck!

Disclosure:  I was given these three titles to review and the giveaway is compliments of Klutz but the opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. I’m so STOKED Klutz books are still around – LOVED them as a kid… I remember doing the cat’s cradle one for HOURS. Can’t wait until WA is old enough :)

    (did everything for MAXIMAL win chances *grin*)

  2. I love Klutz books too! I used bought one for knitting for a niece she never used it so I took it and it reawakened my love for the craft. I love the one with the shrinky dink jewelry , that was fun to make. My kids love them!
    I would choose the Star Wars for my son , he is a real fan of the movies.
    Great giveaway!
    Alma recently posted..Conversations with scarsMy Profile

  3. I love giving Klutz activity books as gifts.
    That Star Wars one would be perfect for my two boys (the 6 year old wants to be just like his 19 year old Star Wars loving brother).

  4. Before I had a child I used to buy Klutz products for myself. They are so cool.

    The Star Wars flyers turn out awesome. These are great books.

    Although I’m not entering the contest, I will be promoting this on Twitter, FB, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and Pinterest!!

    I hope you get a lot of entries! The prizes are great!
    Kris recently posted..What Is Your Story?My Profile

  5. I love klutz books! My favorite of all time has been the sculpey clay book. I still have it after all these years, and I even pull it out sometimes to figure out how long to bake things I make with polymer clay.

    I am trying to decide which book my nephew would like better, the star wars ships or the splat art. Both are awesome! Sharing on facebook!

    P.S. Your son should totally have joined you! Boys can make jewelry too!
    Krista recently posted..The First Of ManyMy Profile

  6. How fun is this for a giveaway! They all look great. I am a big crafter and love that these will use the kids imagination and artistic side! I am visiting from Blogher and I know you asked to know. Good luck with your first giveaway..It is exciting. My blog is new, I haven’t done one yet…

  7. These sound neat..I’ve never heard of these books before. My great nephews would probable like the Star Wars “ship’s” because they like paper airplanes.

  8. It’s funny.. I love them all! My twin boys would love the airplanes, my daughter would love the caps & we all would love the splat art. I would love to win either of them!

    Thanks so much!

  9. With 8 grandkids, crafting items are always needed and Klutz books are great! Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. I would totally go for the Splat one!! That sounds awesome and I would love doing some of them with my nephews!!

    I did everything for 6 chances!! (comment, shared, and subscribed! Thanks for the giveaway!!)
    Kylie recently posted..Summer’s Here!!! Now what?My Profile

  11. these are very interesting. Love the capsters jewelry one or splat one-both really encourage creativity

  12. My daughter would love if I won rh bottlecap or splattered book the most. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. We really like Klutz activity books – my son would love the Star Wars one :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. My grandson would love these….we are always looking for some sort of crafty project to do when he visits!

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