DIY Klutz-Style Activity Book

Do you love Klutz activity books like us?  Did you enter my giveaway and not win?  Did you have your heart set on winning?  I always do that!  If I enter a giveaway, I think I have already won.  I imagine where I will put it and how I will use it.

Well today I have a consolation prize for all of you wonderful participators! What is especially wonderful about this prize is that it will fill that Klutz void with an activity book of your choice and and it comes with the added pride and satisfaction of a DIY project!

What you’ll need…

  • plastic hinged tray pack that comes with premium fresh herbs (mine is 6 3/4 X 3 1/2 inches).
  • scrap paper (I am using the backs of school notices, etc.)
  • heavy chip-board or cardboard
  • double sticky tape
  • scissors and utility knife
  • printer
  • stapler

Here’s how…  

  1. Visit all your favorite kids websites.  Here are some of the ones we like: Disney Family Fun, Crayola, National Geographic Kids
  2. Print-out any and all (up to about 20), coloring pages, activities, and instructions you come across that interest you at 75% scale (if your tray is the same size as mine) or the correct scale to match the length of your tray (divide 8.5 by the length of the tray to get the percentage to reduce by)
  3. Or…  You can print out up to 20 copies of this PDF: write & draw template page and create a place for YOUR doodles and jots!
  4. Next cut out the chip board at 6 1/4 by 12 inches (if your tray is the same size as mine)
  5. Cut out your stack of pages, including one blank or decorative sheet or lightweight chip board for the cover (same size as your stack)
  6. Staples the stack at the edge of the chip board
  7. Cut off the hang tag on the plastic hing pack
  8. Add the double sticky tape and attach it to the cardboard
  9. Score the cover three times so it folds back nicely
  10. Now you are ready to add your kit of accessories like crayons, a pencil, a sharpener, eraser, stickers, whatever!

If you saved up a bunch of these trays and restaurant crayon packs, they could make neat birthday party favors, don’t you think?  You could use sections of a gift bag for the cover instead of an ugly old shipping envelope!

* * *

I have only been to a casino once and I won $1000 dollars from a slot machine on my second try!  It was so fun sitting there listening to my machine play You’re In The Money over and over until a man came over and handed me ten one hundred dollar bills!

What is the best or most interesting thing you have ever won?  Please share!



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    • The Skype author visit is a very cool prize! Love winning book!!! I’ve won several books at Pragmatic Mom!

  1. I love winning, too! LOL about already knowing where you’ll put the item as soon as you enter for the prize. :) My favourite win was a framed photograph from a photographer friend when she picked my entry as the winning name for her Etsy shop. But I’m the opposite of you, and I still haven’t figured out where to hang her beautiful photo!!!

    Your DIY Klutz book is amazing!! Love the idea of giving it as party favours, too. Awesome.
    Elisa | blissfulE recently posted..David and an Aussie Rules FootballMy Profile

    • Thanks Elisa! I have a couple things still to hang too. Not as bad as my last house where I didn’t hang even one thing and I lived there 7 years – disgraceful! They were super busy years in my defense. Working full-time, getting married, having my first… I have better balance now : )

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