My Life in Flags

We have a picture of me dressed up as Betsy Ross when I was about 5.  Luckily it was the 70’s so I could wear one of my everyday full length calico dresses.   Not sure what the occasion was but I remember the flag was handmade by my mom with a scrap of fabric and regular crayons.

The first swimsuit I remember wearing on Cape Cod; It had a flag pattern.  My sister and I had matching ones and I remember doing lots of symmetrical posing for the camera (bicentennial disco style) in these!

The morning pledge through all my school years is a strong memory.  I also remember a brief phase where there was a moment of silence following it.

This one seems like the biggest jump.  And actually my husband still has these shoes from when we first met.  He wears them every 4th of July and they sit in the back of the closet for the rest of the year with all the other all-stars!

We have an American flag beach towel.  It was purchased along with sun screen, snacks, and waters, at the drug store on the way to the beach in the late 90’s.  Did we forget beach towels?!  I can’t remember.

My mother in law died right before we were married.  My husband’s father died when he was so little he doesn’t remember him but has a strong desired to have had.  He grabbed his funeral flag from his mom’s house along with photos.  I keep meaning to get it cleaned for him.

After my son was born and I had stopped working full time, I went through a big reading phase.  I was on a history kick for a while and a book about Betsy Ross was one of the ones I read.  I loved that time when I was home with a baby and toddler.  They would nap together and I would read!

My most recent flag memory is the Memorial concert at my daughter’s school.  We saved the program with the words and she gets it out from time to time to sing them.  Having a kindergartner is the beginning of the school-years chapter for our family!

There have been other, like the 4 plastic ones we had splayed out on the hutch just in case any politician wants to have a press conference in our dining area (that was until my son deconstructed them), but these ones stood out.

To be continued…

★ ★ ★

The Memorial Day songs…

  • Oh, I Love America – starts: A-M-E-R-I-C-A, I love America ev’ry day…
  • Those Who Served – starts: We honor those who served…
  • Remember to Remember – starts: Do you think about our freedom…

How to fold a flag…  

Martha’s video instructions for how to fold a flag with a little history, flag etiquette, and what the folds mean thrown in.

The Betsy Ross book…

Betsy Ross and the Making of America

Beyond the legend of the creation of the American flag, we know very little about the facts of Betsy Ross’ life. Perhaps with one snip of her scissors she convinced the nation’s future first president that five-pointed stars suited better than six. Perhaps not. Miller recovers for the first time the full story of Betsy Ross, sharing the woman as she truly was. Miller pieces together the fascinating life of this little-known and much beloved figure, showing that she is important to our history not just because she made a flag, but because she embraced the resistance movement with vigor, reveled in its triumphs, and suffered its consequences (Amazon Description).

★ ★ ★

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  1. I can’t wait to buy the book and start reading all about the making of the flag and the country – America. Those illustrations are cute and nostalgic at the same time. Fills me with patriotic feelings as India’s Independence Day is approaching (Aug 15).

    I’ll wait for the next part. :-)
    Rashmie @ Mommy Labs recently posted..Cloud Dough Sensory Play and ArtMy Profile

    • Thanks Rashmie – I have so many nice memories! I think you will find the book interesting.

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