Perfect Beach Day

perfect beachday

Once upon a time there was a perfect beach day…

On this perfect day the sun rested above a thin hazy sheet as if the entire beach was beneath a very light umbrella. Once in a while the sun got a little too excited, and so the graceful, level headed breeze, almost as if on cue, passed through to calm him down (all the while being careful not to excite the sand). The water too was offering good clean fun with cool waves just the right size to amuse.
He demonstrated excellent self control for there were none of his usually dirty tricks with seaweed or shocking cold! There was harmony among the humans too. The children worked together digging a hole deeper and deeper with jumbo shovels while the grown-ups watched their worries float away with the breeze and entered into a hypnotic state only a perfect beach day can induce. The End

* * *

Want to do more beach reading? How about “At the Beach” from Anne Rockwell, one of my favorite children’s book authors.

At the Beach

Anne and Harlow Rockwell capture the joy of a child’s day at the beach in clear, vivid images as they explore the world of the seashore through the eyes of the very young (Amazon Description).

* * *

Want more beachy books? Head on over to Pragmatic Mom‘s summer reading beach themed book list!


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    • It is a sweet little book. We also like Apples and Pumpkins and I think there is one for spring and winter too : )

    • Nice! Or bring lots o sunscreen, a BIG umbrella, and spend most of your time in the water : )

    • Oh, the ONE thing metro-west don’t have : (

      I hope you guys have a pool membership at least : )

  1. Love the beach, but really, I love it in Sept and Oct best…It is not hot and I can sit and read for long periods of time. Hiking at the beach in the winter is another fun thing. It is quiet and invigorating. I just noted the names of the books you wrote about as my sister has 4 kids and teaches kindergarten and I like to share good books with her. Have a great weekend.
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