Birders ARE TOO Cool!

Review of “Birders: The Central Park Effect”

I don’t watch a lot of TV because…

A. It is usually too noisy in my house to follow and I don’t like subtitles.
B. Even though we have a gazillion channels there is usually nothing on.
C. By the time I peel myself away from the computer, I am too tired.
D. I spend all my spare time at the mall shopping the sales.
E. All of the above, except D

If you guessed E, you are correct and I bet you can relate!  But when I saw Birders (a film by Jefferey Kimball) advertised, I knew I definitely wanted to make the time and check it out, which I did last night and again this morning (I wanted to review it and I didn’t take notes the first time).  I always do that!  I think I will remember the important stuff but I don’t.  Mainly I wanted to see the birds again and find a quote which, would you believe, I somehow missed the second time!  It went something like this…

What is great about birding is that it is one time, as an adult, the world seems more magical rather than less.  

I just love that and find it true for me too about bird watching and being outside in nature in general!


This documentary is a great overview of birding in Central Park.  Even though Central Park is completely man-made it succeeds as a natural ecosystem and is home to many birds (and their food supply) as well a favorite stop over for many more on their migratory path headed north in the spring and south in the fall.  Since there are not many other options because of the vast urban environment, Central Park actually has a very high concentration of birds which is what they call the Central Park effect.  And maybe because of all the people, the birds are quite a bit friendlier too!  We get to tag along with several birders in the park while they are being interviewed about how they became interested in birding and about the culture of birding in general.  For example, did you know that bird watchers are considered by some to be not so cool?!

My one criticism is that the birds were not consistently identified through the narration.  I think captions could have helped.

My verdict?  If you like birds even slightly more than the average person, I think you will enjoy this documentary!

* * *

Live in New York and want to learn more?  Check out these bird walks offered by the Museum of Natural History!


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  1. That sounds like something to check out. We recently saw “The Big Year” with Steve Martin. A great movie about birds too with a comedic spin on the lover of birds. I think you would love it.
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    • I would be open to not having one but my husband would never go for it. He must have his sports!

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