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If you post every day for a year that is 365 posts.  Times 2 years, 3…  That is a lot of content!  I bet a lot of those posts could be interesting, useful, and or entertaining to your readers today.  Wouldn’t you like to have all that content easy to find and perhaps keep new readers around a little longer?  Maybe create some new followers!

The two basic approaches to navigate I use are organization and impulse.  I think of my site like a grocery store.  You have the basic organization of the aisles and the impulse items at the checkout counter.

My organization…

  • My main area of post organization happens on my archive page which can be found on the menu bar.  I use the same plugin 3 times.  It is called “WP-dTree” and it’s a great plugin that organizes you posts as pull down menus*.  I use it to organize my post by date, category, and “tagegories”.  Tagegories is a word I am using to describe my tags that I have turned into second tier categories.  I think this is my most useful system!  I have about 20 tags that I reuse consistently in posts.  I would love for this plugin to add thumbnails.  In the meantime I need to do a better job using descriptive AND intriguing post titles!
  • I also have a page called Shop which has my Amazon store plus thumbnails and links to my affiliate posts by type.
  • And I have a search box in my menu bar.

My impulse items…  

  • In my sidebar I have 3 post lists with thumbnails.  First is my 5 most recent posts, next is my 5 most popular posts, and third is my 5 favorite posts.  For these I use the plugin called “Special Recent Posts”.
  • I have an animated tag cloud in my sidebar too because I think it is fun!  I think people might just want to try it out and then see something they want to click on.  The plugin is called WP-Cumulus.
  • At the bottom of each post I have “You might also like” thumbnails and titles of a few related posts.  For this I use the “LinkWithin” plugin but there are others that do the same.
  • I also use lots of text links in my posts to other similar or relevant ones.
  • What makes people pay attention to your impulse items?  New and relevant things, that’s what!  Which is why I am considering adding a seasonal post list to my sidebar as well as a slider.  After Bedtime Blog recently shared her slider plugin favorites!

This is how I have organized my blog in order to get readers to stick around but I know there are many other very effective ways and I am always looking to improve so I encourage you to please share the organizing techniques that work for you!

*After you install WP-dTree it shows up in on your widgets pages as 3 widgets, Archive, Categories, and Taxonomies.  In order to used widgets on pages I use the plugin “Widgets on Pages”.  Archive and Categories and pretty self explanatory.  Taxonomies must be configured to grab the post tags you want.  Change Taxonomy name to post_tag and if you only want a subset of all your tags to appear add a list of tag id’s to the Include box.  



I'm a practical mom inspired by nature & I enjoy sharing ideas that encourage kids' innate curiosity & creativity. Interested in subscribing? Check out the blue box at the top of my sidebar. I'm also a wannabe author/illustrator & product designer by day. Let's connect! doodlesandjots@hotmail.com. If you purchase through my Amazon links I get a small commission at no additional cost to you (thanks for supporting Doodles and Jots)! And remember to always credit your source here & elsewhere on the internet.


  1. I am going through the process of moving my blogroll, to make room for highlights of certain post types that I want to draw attention to. I have been slowly making changes to my layout and navigation over the past few weeks. little things, like adding an ID image on my front page that links to my about page make a little difference. I also added social media buttons that are more visible, and future plans include a dedicated ThisMummasLife facebook page, and better category browsing.

    PS…I was playing with your category cloud the other day. :)
    Krista recently posted..Found ObjectsMy Profile

    • I still want to change my main categories. It is always a work in progress isn’t it?!

      I don’t have many friends or fans on FB yet but so glad I started one too. You should consider Twitter too.

      It’s fun, isn’t it : )

    • Wonder if that plugin doesn’t cause an outbound links. I think I was going to switch from Linked Within for that reason… Hard to keep track of all these details.

    • You’re welcome! I love finding out what plugins people are using.

      I think the Blog Help Blog Hop is really looking for links if you have any blogging related posts to add.

    • Thanks, me too! I am going to try and take that to the next level with seasonal displays and what do they call it when they put hot dog rolls right next to the hot dogs… I’m sure they have a term for that!

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