The Weed!

This is the point in the summer when the grass stops growing and the weeds go crazy.  This is a over simplification of what my backyard looked like last night.

Oh yes, very nice, maybe I will pull some weeds, I thought.  I went to pull the first one and this is what happened…

This thick, bark covered network of roots lifted out taking all the rest of the weeds with it.  I am only slightly exaggerating!  It did break in a few places but these weeds were all connected and just an inch or so from the surface.

This weed could take over the world and you wouldn’t know it until it was too late!  It would make a great scary movie.  Are you listening Steven Spielberg?!



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    • Normally I don’t like weeding either – but I became a little obsessive with this one. And some others that were tall and easy to pull.

    • My daughter helped a little.

      I got a lot of it but I think that’s what it wants me to think…

  1. Fun way to illustrate it! My lawn is crunchy as we had no rain for quite some time, so the weeds are fairly ok this year. The grass on the other hand…ugh.

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