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Moonrise Kingdom and Fictitious Books

I wonder if sometimes writers do this… I played hooky with my husband yesterday and went to see Moonrise Kingdom, the latest film from Wes Anderson.  Several stars are in this movie including Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, Harvey Keitel, and and many more.  Wes Anderson’s films are unique.  Every scene is shot from an unexpected view point with attention to composition and arrangement of elements creating visual interest.  I would like to watch this movie twice.  Once to enjoy it visually and once to enjoy the quirky story.  And the story is definitely quirky!  It follows the island adventures of in-love runaways, Suzy a troubled young girl, played by Kara Hayward and Sam, an orphaned scout, played by Jared Gilman.

Check out the trailer…

I got lots of creative energy from watching this film!  Like I said, every scene is interesting, often with arranged props.  When the two young lovers decide to take an inventory of Suzy’s suitcase, we see she has packed her favorite books.  These books have intriguing titles and cover art and she even reads excepts from a few and these books.  We had never heard of these books so my husband and I decided to look them up and discovered they are completely fictitious! It made we want to make some book covers!  And then it made me wonder if you could come up with a book concept this way.  Make the cover first!  Something that you would want to read and THEN write the book.  I wonder if any writers work this way.

This might be a fun project to do with kids.  Make book cover art, titles, and excepts just for fun.  I wonder if it would inspire them to then write the book!

If you want, once you have the artwork completed, you can create a free access account at My eCover Maker and upload your art to make a 3D book shape of your cover ideas!  I made this one and they have a few more free book style options to pick from.

BTW, I definitely recommend this movie!


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  1. thanks for this trailer girl. movie looks wonderful. hubby would never watch it with me but the teens would. hmmm gotta find a day to sneak off with the teens.

    making covers sounds like a fun project. i can imagine it now. sabrina would probably still try it with me. 😀
    Vanita recently posted..Newest AdditionMy Profile

  2. When I had seen this trailer … I was hooked! Still haven’t seen it. Boooo… But I love Wes’s movies and is still itching to check it out. A lot of my favorite people in this film too.
    My eleven year old like to write his own stories with pencil and paper. He writes mostly short stories and some have his own illustrations too. He wants to publish them. I haven’t yet done the research for it. But he seriously wants to be a writer. He blows me away with his stuff.
    He just finished his favorite book “The City of Dreaming Books” by Walter Moers (translated from German). Its a heavy book, but extremely deep and up his alley.
    Alma recently posted..Stop and SpinMy Profile

    • Yah, with even more quirky and without the dark. Fargo was a cool movie. I love Frances McDormand in that.

  3. As a writer, I can say “Yes” we do do things like this! I sometimes come up with a title, then make the story work. Or I envision one particular scene, and plot the rest… so many ways to finally develop the end story. My writing partner and I joke, “A picture may be worth a thousand words… but we’re the ones who tell the story.”
    Molly Jo recently posted..Girl, Protected: Damsel in DefenseMy Profile

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