In honor of Olympic gold, here is gold in the top 10 languages spoken globally*

  1. Mandarin  |  黃金  |  huángjīn
  2. Spanish  |  oro  |  aw-raw
  3. English  |  gold  |  gōld
  4. Hindi  |  सोना  |  sōnā
  5. Arabic  |  الذهب  |  thahab
  6. Bengali  |  স্বর্ণ  |  sbarṇa
  7. Portuguese  |  ouro  |  OH-roo
  8. Russian  |  золото  |  zoloto
  9. Japanese  |  ゴールド  |  gōrudo
  10. Punjabi  |  زر/سونا |  sona

*estimate from Wikipedia

* * *

And how about stories of gold from around the world…

Good As Gold by Barbara Baumgartner

Stories of values from around the world teach us to distinguish between good and evil and to recognize what is truly valuable Gold, the ultimate symbol of wealth and worth, has inspired many of the world’s favorite tales. More than just a precious metal, gold can bring happiness to some, sadness to others. In this wonderful book, expert storyteller Barbara Baumgartner has brought together a range of stories about gold in all its guises. Each tale offers a piece of moral advice to guide the young reader to a fuller understanding of the story, while Amanda Hall’s richly colored illustrations feature strands of gold that glow from every page (Amazon description).


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    • I think I read that gold is found on every continent. I like the variety of alphabets in this list!

    • I know! I know about the world’s population but it was still surprising to me. No French or German on this list. Not many alphabets that I recognize!

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