How to cheer for your favorite Olympic athlete…

Watching Olympic coverage has been so full of tears and excitement for me, from the background stories to the victories and not just the wins.  Have you been watching?  Please share!


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    • I bet you could find some sort of compilation or top performances video or list of videos on YouTube. Or read about it – newspaper and magazines!

  1. So happy you mentioned this and asked about it. I needed to share my emotions and excitement over this event, which gives us so much to celebrate, reflect, express! I’ve watched almost every game in every Olympics for as long as I can remember.
    This time, too – I have watched most games. Due to the time zone difference, we get to watch late evening or the next day – the highlights during our afternoon.
    The triumph of the human spirit, the tears (of joy and desperation), the sweat, the feeling of that the whole nation is behind you – gosh these moments give me goosebumps!
    I’m sure you feel this way, too! I’d love to know how you feel… :-)
    The 20 km racewalk that I saw – I think 2-3 days back- that was a phenomenal story of courage! The Chinese athlete won it with ease. But the others who were following, including a Guatemalan, a Russian…their spirit was equally triumphant! The Russian veteran eventually crashed out – in the 19th km – ah..so unfortunate..but you could see his physical as well as emotional pain! The Guatemalan – an outright under-dog – his tenacity was awe-inspiring!

    • Goosebumps – me too! I didn’t see any race walk coverage. I have to look that up.

      I have been glued to gymnastic, track and field, also some swimming, diving, and most recently so fascinated with synchronized swimming. I really enjoyed watching Oscar Pistorius of South Africa a double amputee run in the preliminary for the 400m. They also shared a background segment on him – just amazing! Also watching the preliminary 100m runs of a few women from the Middle East. This is they first time every country has at least one woman competing – ground breaking! I like the historical segments they play too. They showed one on Olga Korbut, a gymnast from the Soviet Union. You have to watch this beautiful uneven bar routine – http://youtu.be/m9aFvxz_jso !

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