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I just returned from a business trip and I am very happy to be home but I have to say, there was much I enjoyed about my trip like all the wonderful meals I didn’t have to prepare or clean up after, never once did I bend over to pick up a toy or clean up a spill, and the hotel, oh the hotel…

It was a Homewood Suites by Hilton which is an extended stay hotel and I am honestly considering moving my family in there!  They have full buffet breakfast every morning and a “Welcome Home Reception” every evening between 5 and 7 with drinks and a home cooked supper.  Here are a couple examples…  “Lodge Bistro”, Chicken Cordon Blue, Wild Rice, French Cut Green Beans, and Flaky Croissants  or “Lobby Loafer” Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes Corn on the Cob, and Dinner Rolls.  And it goes on, a different dinner for every day of the month!  I’m sure all those serious business people would be delighted to have my fam around!  They would probably welcome the constant chatter as they are trying to watch CNN over breakfast, enjoy the unpredictable yelps and screeches while sipping hot coffee, and be temped to join in the fun as my kids darting in front of them on route to the toaster for their bagel.

Then there is the pool and the fitness center.  And don’t bother with the beds or dishes.  When you return to your suite in the evening the beds will be made and dishes cleaned and put away.  Need groceries?  Leave your list with the front desk in the morning and come home to your groceries put away even!

It is temping, don’t you think?  The only problem is that for some reason I sleep better in my smaller, less comfortable bed.  Hmmm…


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    • Right, only if you want to cook! It would definitely be a good place to stay for a family trip. Reasonable rates too!

  1. Oliver has just weaned at three years old and as I was reading this I was thinking how much I deserve a night away. I think I am the last of my friends to do anything like that. Going to have to get on that! Sounds so nice!
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    • I came back and especially my 4 year old seemed so much more mature!

      Nursing is the best! I only stopped nursing both my kids for pregnancies.

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