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Exciting Update: The Google Luv Course is now a membership site!  That means anytime access to an extensive library of blogging resources!

Are you planning holiday affiliate posts and want more than just your bloggy friends to see them?  Then this course is a must!  

Click on the course button for more info and enter the promo code “doodles” for $15 dollars off!

My blog is getting lots more hits since I took this course and I love having unlimited access to course videos and materials!  Read on for more about my experience with the Google Luv Course…

Learn About SEO From a Wiz and Fellow Mom Blogger

Today I am going to tell you about an online course I took with Vanita Cyril who is an SEO wiz…

It is called the Google Luv Course.

Would you like to reach a wider audience than you have been able to drum up through social media?  Does it frustrate you to know people are searching for what you write passionately about and they never find your blog because it is buried in the Google search results several pages down?  Would you love your link to land on page one?  Is search engine optimization a mystery to you?

Why not do something about it?!

This SEO stuff I find a bit tricky.  Vanita will walk you through it one step at a time.  I found the course material to be clear and easy to implemented.  Want more personalized support?  With the premium option you receive 4 weeks of individualized email assistance from Vanita and trust me, with this service, she is THERE FOR YOU!

With all that is on my plate I really appreciated being able to view the video lessons anytime. Many times I would start one and have to come back to it later.  And the assignments can also be done when you can squeeze them in.  I found this to be so important because a a working mom, blogging is not my first or even second priority.

How did she know to make this course so flexible?  Because she is a busy mom blogger too!  I love learning from her because she is so relatable!

This is truly fascinating stuff!

Vanita will teach you to THINK like Google!

Click on the Google Luv button to learn more about the course and membership pricing options.  And don’t forget, to receive $15 of enter the following promo code: doodles

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I am an affiliate for this course and membership.  If you sign up for it through my link I will earn a commission.    

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Vanita wants to get the word out about the Google Luv Course.  Please help by sharing this post!

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