How to make some money with ads on your new blog

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Even if you are a small blog you can and make a little pocket money with Adsense from Google and Amazon affiliate product links and/or search box.  I also have ads from Blogher Publishing and I’m an affiliate for a few online retailers I like through Commission Junction.  My blog is just about year old and I made enough so far to pay for my domain name and web hosting and I predict I will make enough to upgrade my computer this year!

Maybe I am not the norm l but I really don’t mind the look of ads as long as there are not too many and they are tasteful, oh, and they are not snuck into the middle of paragraphs in your posts!

  • Adsense allows you to customize for content a little if you prefer not to have certain types of ads. It shows your viewers ads based on their search terms.  If someone clicks on one you get a little $.  Warning!  You will be tempted to click on your own ads because they are delivering content based on your search terms!  But don’t click, it is a no-no!  Click here to get started.
  • If some one buys a book through your Amazon affiliate link and they buy and iPod at the same time you get a commission for that too (this happened to me)!  It is easy peasy to sign up to be an Amazon affiliate and they sell tons more things besides books!  Learn about it here.
  • Blogher Publishing ads were the first ads I saw and liked on blogs I admired.  The ads feature products for the home and often have pull out recipes or fun slide shows.  Your blog must be more than 4 months old and if you are accepted for this program you must feature it in your sidebar first and there are other restrictions but I really do like them and they make me a little bit of steady money.  For these ads you make money per page views and will occasionally be offered sponsored post to make more $.  Here is an example.
  • With Commission Junction you simply set up and account, look through their list of affiliates and apply for programs.  They either accept you on the spot or you wait to here back.  I have a popular post with affiliate links for The Land of Nod, a children’s furniture and accessories retailer I love, that earns me a little dough.  See a list of my retailers on on Shop page.

So that is it folks.  These are they ways I have made money so far with my blog.  You will have to submit a tax document for most of these and it may seem like too much work for what many would consider peanuts but it makes me feel good to know I am doing all this work publishing everyday and not having to pay for it too!  Also there is the possibility of making much more as I grow.  Wouldn’t that be the life, blogging for a living?  It can be done!

To read about blog ads in more detail visit my sister’s blog, Life Learning Today and her post Complete Guide to Set Up a WordPress Blog and Make Money and scroll down to 12 Making Money – Adding Advertising.

Occasional calculated investments make sense.  Consider taking an online SEO class to drive more traffic to your site which will increase your revenue.  I am learning so much and already seeing results from the Google Luv course!

Do you have other ways you make money blogging?  Please share!


I'm a practical mom inspired by nature & I enjoy sharing ideas that encourage kids' innate curiosity & creativity. Interested in subscribing? Check out the blue box at the top of my sidebar. I'm also a wannabe author/illustrator & product designer by day. Let's connect! If you purchase through my Amazon links I get a small commission at no additional cost to you (thanks for supporting Doodles and Jots)! And remember to always credit your source here & elsewhere on the internet.


  1. I am also working with commission junction but someday I would love to court some businesses I love to buying sponsorship and hosting giveaways and features. Then I can be in control of sharing only that which I truly love, and connecting people with quality ethical products.
    Krista recently posted..A New DirectionMy Profile

    • Your is more comprehensive! The tax thing is no big deal but for some reason it made the whole thing seem overwhelming at first.

    • I bet you do well with book seller links! The Bloher ads are the ones I get $ for traffic, the Adsense for clicks, and the affiliates are all for purchases. I find lots of ¢ adds up to real $!

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