It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! Biplane Edition

Jots about the bird…

  • It’s not a bird, it’s a dragonfly, although you might think you saw or heard a hummingbird whizzing by.
  • I believe it is an Autumn Meadowlark and I love the graceful way it is perched on that stem.
  • Dragonflies can live five years but spend most of that time as larva.
  • The largest fossilized dragonfly found had a 2 1/2 feet wingspan.
  • They have two sets of wings just like biplanes!

Jots about the plane…

  • It’s a biplane, an airplane with 2 sets of wings.
  • Have 2 sets of wings allows them to be lighter and stronger although with modern materials these advantages are now obsolete and infact cause unwanted drag.
  • The Wright brothers who created and successfully flew the first airplane in 1903 used a biplane design.
  • Their father brought them home a rubber-band powered helicopter when they were kids which started their interest in flight.
  • Looking for an adventurous way to see the sights on Cape Cod?  How about a biplane ride!


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    • Thanks, I had to look that word up! I do like when I can achieve a blurred background so as not to distract from a detaily subject.

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