The Letter S

Big S, little s [Square 721 BT font]

Big S, little s, words that start with s…

Welcome to the fifth installment of my letter themed photo essays!  I am also featuring a font as I have with the last 4 letter posts for W, B, R, and F.  The font I chose for S is Square721 BT.  It is part of the Square 721 font family designed by the late Italian designer Aldo Novarese and is packaged with Microsoft Office.  This font and its boxy letters are perfect for achieving a modern feel.  I use this one a lot!

Now let’s see what I have for photos…






holly berries





hawk circling in the sky





double crested cormorant swimming


* * *

I am very inspired by Alama Boheme.  Check out her beautiful photos including the one of her new backyard through a screen in the post “Birth to New”.

What is your favorite “S” word?


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  1. Lovely series! Really nice pics. I liked your perspective on Sun!
    Also, loved screen and september (my birth month!)

    My fav ‘S’ word. hmmm…can’t think of any one. So many come to mind right now – ‘Sawan’ (Hindi for Spring), Saccharine Sweet, Soul Mate, Spick and Span, Sun Dial…

    You know what, I will need to show this to Pari and may be suggest her to work on something like this for her own blog. She loves clicking around and playing with words is her fav game. So, this might be perfect! Thank you for the inspiration :-)
    Rashmie @ Mommy Labs recently posted..Cloud Dough Ice Cream Parlor Pretend Play: Play and Learning are InseparableMy Profile

  2. Ann, thanks for the mention. I am so glad to keep inspiring you as you do me. Do you remember the post I did with the letter”P”? That was so much fun and challenging. I was thinking today to do another one like that. You can say so much with just one word and a great shot.
    These are great! Vibrant and full of life… in one word “Spectacular”!
    Alma recently posted..Silence speaks when words cantMy Profile

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