Unwinding with Nature

As a work from home mom I no longer have a predictable “quitting time” per say.

Overall, I don’t miss working a full time job but there are aspects I do miss.  Quitting time and the twenty minute drive home listening to NPR and letting go of work for the day was definitely one of them.  Actually even after I became a mom, coming home to child care didn’t seem like work the way it does now that I don’t have that separation.  You know one of the funny little things I miss?  Someone emptying my work trash can everyday!

Even though my work and home life is a lot more blended and my schedule less predictable I still do have respites here and there.  What do I like to do during these times? First I like to do a quick clean up.  I really enjoying being in my house so much more when it is tidy.  After that I love to go outside if it’s nice and make discoveries in my yard.  My yard is not very big and probably not exciting to most but honestly I see something new almost every time!

Why just today, I saw a funny little mushroom and as I was taking its picture I saw a little mouse scurrying around under a nearby tree.  I like mice when they are outside!

Then I saw these leaves and they reminded me of Swiss cheese.  The round cut-outs look like bites or the work of leafcutter ants but I don’t think we have those around here.

And this is the most interesting discovery.  Off on the edge of my backyard is a very large squash plant growing and I don’t even have a garden!  I wonder how it got there.  Maybe an animal dropped a seed.  I wonder if the animal will be back for his squash!

After I photograph my little (or big) finds I love uploading them to my computer and making further discoveries!

How about you?  How do you unwind when work is done.  Please share!

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This post in inspired by and linked up with Maui Shop Girl’s “Pau Hana” photo challenge.

Also linked up with Frankly My Dear’s What’s the Word? Wednesdays.  Check out her awesome news today!

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  1. wow what great treasures you found!
    To unwind today I collected leaves, acorns, twigs and berries and made a fall wreath for my door. My husband and I took a long walk in the neighborhood and met a nice neighbor gardening. Now we are hanging up pictures on our bare walls in this new home…getting ready for a party this weekend.
    Alma recently posted..Silence speaks when words cantMy Profile

  2. I love your nature photos. It’s cool to see the transition your blog has taken- I think since you got your fancy schmancy camera…. I laughed at the squash discovery. It’s so fun to make these surprise discoveries in the yard. I hope we get to see more pics of the squash as it grows.
    Artchoo! recently posted..Yarn BombingMy Profile

  3. Love the new look! I’m struggling with planning my blog design (which was supposed to be done like 9 months ago!). A graphic artist, I’m not. I know what I want but need to figure out how to execute.

    Beautiful pics (as always!). It must be hard to not have that physical separation. Like you, I enjoy listening to podcasts or audiobooks on the drive home. By the time I get home, I’m not thinking about the work day. Running with my late german shepherd used to be my “transition” activity. I do wish I could work at home so I could take little breaks of appreciation as you’ve done.

    Mahalo for linking up!
    Tania recently posted..Just Another Photo Challenge…Pau HanaMy Profile

  4. Love the pictures. Isn’t it fun to find those unexpected treasures. I have a plant I let grow because I was intrigued by it’s large arrow shaped leaves. I still don’t know what it is, but it is interesting to look at.
    Lynda Schrader recently posted..Worry Or ConcernMy Profile

  5. What beautiful finds; those leaves especially! I can relate with you about tidying up the house a little everyday. I like to change the decor here and there or I get bored living in the same kind of space…
    I know for sure that if I had a yard, I would spend most of my winding-up time there, like you! But, since I don’t have one, I like to stand in my balcony that oversees a vast open green land. In the evening and at night, I love to see the city lit up, the stars in the night sky and the noisy sounds of the insects. During rains, its all the more beautiful…
    Rashmie @ Mommy Labs recently posted..Cloud Dough Ice Cream Parlor Pretend Play: Play and Learning are InseparableMy Profile

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