Frozen Meatballs Save the Day!

Easy Dinner Ideas and GIVEAWAY!

Update: A winner has been announced for this giveaway.  Congratulations to Diane from Dollops of Diane!  Thanks to everyone who participated and added great easy dinner ideas in the comments section!

Gather ’round ladies!  Are you a busy mom?  Are you often at a loss as it nears six o’clock?  Does your family love the classics?  Do you delight in seeing all mouths quietly chewing instead of complaining?

Well I am going to let you in on a little secret!  For me, frozen meatballs occasionally save the day!  That is why I am very excited to share a GIVEAWAY from Farm Rich with you today (for U.S. residents)!  They offer regular, Italian, and turkey meatballs.  Not a meatball family?  They also offer many popular frozen appetizers!  Check out their offerings here.

Not sure if your grocery store sells Farm Rich products?  Enter your zip code under the product finder tab to see!

The winner will receive 2 coupons each good for one free Farm Rich product.  This prize has an approximate value of $14.00!

I almost always have Italian style meatballs in my freezer and use them to make meatball subs or to compliment a spaghetti dinner.  And I always include a colorful salad and whole wheat rolls to keep it healthy.  Another little trick of mine is to cook them a little longer and hotter to cook off much of the fat content and we all like how they get crispy on the outside.  Farm Rich also offers Turkey meatballs.  Try these with pasta or how about on a bulky roll with gravy and cranberry sauce.  Yum!

Click on the meatballs to go to the product page for recipe ideas from Farm Rich.

Last day to enter is October 11th and a winner will be chosen at random and announced October 12th.  I will also email the winner for an address to send the coupons!

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Good luck everyone!  What are your “save the day” dinner secrets?  Please share!

Disclosure:  Farm Fresh provided me with 2 product coupons however opinions expressed are my own. 

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  1. Two big coincidences right now, Ann! First, I had to go to a PTA meeting last night so I threw some polenta and frozen meatballs in the oven, sauteed some shitakes and washed some arugula and left a plate of it covered for my husband when he got home. Meatballs saved the day last night!

    Second, I posted something similar on Tuesday, about throwing quick meals together, so I think we’re on the same brainwave right now!

    I need to catch up with your blog tonight, I love that you were in my dear New Hampshire! xo
    Tiffanie recently for my girlMy Profile

    • I have learned to love too. When the kids are happy… hey wait, isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?!

    • Batches, brilliant! I have to do this more. My fam generally won’t eat leftovers but maybe if I freeze them and we don’t have to eat again right away…

  2. We almost never have meatballs here at home because.. well .. vegetarians. Sometimes I make veggie ones. .. those go in a flash. :) Anyways if the coupon is valid in Canada, I’m sure we’d love to win for the pizza or mozzarella sticks! :)
    Larissa T. recently posted..Visit to Crossview Farm.My Profile

  3. The best secret to an easy dinner is to have someone else make it. Whether it be either spouse pushing that nights responsibility on the other, or eating take-out or pre-packaged meals like Farm Rich, it is so easy to have a heat and eat dinner.

  4. The secret to an easy meal is to not attempt to be a gourmet chef at home. You will enjoy a simple to prepare meal just as much as some heavily garnished dish that has $45 worth of ingredients but eats the same as a $2 dish.

  5. Eggs – We always have them, they are quick to make and everyone can pick their fav way to make it

    Bud Lisa Samson – RC form name

  6. If I need to make dinner in a hurry, my go to meal is a jar of spagetti sauce. I add 1/2 cup redwine and crush in some basil and oregano along with either meatballs or ground beef and it tastes like homemade.

  7. A lot of times when I make dinner I double it and freeze one for another dinner to make things easier when I don’t have time to cook.

  8. You can do a lot with spaghetti sauce. It’s great for casseroles, homemade pizzas, spaghetti, lasagnas, use with cheese sticks.

  9. My secret is to always keep bags of Fully Cooked chicken and beef fajitas and burger patties on the freezer, we also have a few frozen meals as a just in case

  10. The easiest I make is frozen cheese ravioli with jarred Alfredo sauce. Easy and good! 10 minutes start to finish lol

  11. I do my shopping and prep on Sundays, so that during the week, something is usually already pre-made, either in the fridge or frozen, and I just have to quick finish making it!

  12. I cook double and triple batches of meats and entrees and simply change the sauce or starch each night. Vary the salad and veggies and have fruit for dessert. Dinner is as good as done!

  13. On those busy nights when the kids have activities, I make soups! Easy to put together in the earlier afternoon, then just heat up when we’re all home!

  14. The easiest thing to do is just have a bottle of marinade on hand. It takes all the work out of it. All you have to do is cook the meat!

  15. I don’t usually make pancakes or waffles for breakfasts so my kids really enjoy them for dinner and they are so easy to whip up on nights when my hubby is out of town

  16. When we have a busy evening I throw frozen chicken breasts in a roasting pan, dump a can of spaghetti sauce over it and bake it. I put cheese on top when it’s almost done and voila! Spaghetti chicken we call it.

  17. I’d have to say something frozen or breakfast for dinner. It’s easy and nutritious. Thank you for the great giveaway! :)

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