Apple Core Prints

Have you been eating lots of apples lately?  We have!  And we all have our favorites.  My daughter and her dad like Golden Delicious, I like McIntosh,  and my son likes Granny Smith.  We grab them for snacks.  My son likes to practice his (butter) knife skills with them.  I also cut them into wedges at lunch for sides.

Today when I was making lunch I accidentally cut a core in half and it made a cool star stamp!  
It’s not the first time we made apple prints.  We uses apples cut in half once during a library story hour craft and I actually made apple prints cut along the core for my first ever blog post!  But I feel a little funny about wasting food.  That is why this is great because it is the part of the apple you throw out anyway (unless, that is, you compose or live on a farm)!
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Check out this great post with book recommendations and interesting facts about Johnny Appleseed and apple biodiversity from Pragmatic Mom!
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What is you favorite kind of apple?  Please share!



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    • I like Ginger Gold too. I don’t see those in the grocery store. I think we got some when we went apple picking a few years ago.

  1. Pink ladies! But apples have been tasting way too sweet for me lately, and I love sugar, so I hope it’s not some weird symptom of something! :)

    I LOVE these prints! I remember a print you did last winter carving into some styrofoam of some snowy trees or something that I adored. I like how the apple core looks when you use one of those slicers that slices the whole apple at once. The core that is left looks like a little man (the stem is part of his hat, the seed area represents face and you can see two seeds for eyes). His name? Corey, of course! :)
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  2. I wanted to tell you that when I use celery, I save the root end (cut the stalks off in one clean piece), and use the end to stamp with. I use paints and the shape looks like old fashioned cabbage roses! I make wrapping paper and some cards. Love using the celery since it would just be “garbage” anyway. Thought you might like to try that.
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