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I am participating again in a fun link up at Artchoo, my favorite art and design for kids blog!  She co-hosts with a bunch of other awesome blogs so head on over and check them out too!  The theme for this link up is 6 tools, resources, or supplies you can’t live without.  My list of things I can’t live without is much longer than that!  In fact I tried to just narrow to 6 tools for blogging but even that list is much longer than 6.

So how about 6 tools I can’t live without for blogging that I feel like sharing today (in no particular order)!

I like going outside.  It calms me, I like to make discoveries, and it gives me blogging ideas.  Reminds me of the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy open the door and everything is in color!  

My zoom lens.  I take lots of pictures especially outside and share many of them here.  Until I had my camera with the mega zoom I thought all black birds were crows.  Not so, there are also Common Grackles, European Starling, Brown-headed Cowbirds, and Red Winged Black birds around here!

It is not what you think!  My online library network is called CLAMS (Cape Libraries Automated Materials Sharing).  What would I do without the library and the ability to search and reserve books online?!  I don’t know!

I am pretty sure I couldn’t blog without my brain.  I think I like the right side best.  By the way, adding a knit texture in Gimp is about the closest I have ever come to knitting a hat.  Although I can crochet!

I always have a notebook with me.  I make to do lists and book lists  I make lists of post ideas.  I sketch in it too.  Right now it is one of those composition notebooks but I am really not picky although I think I like this one!

And lastly, I like using PowerPoint to create illustrations.  Why?  Because I like how it limits me.  The basic shapes and drawing tools force me to keep it quick and simple.  I like simple and I TRY not to spend too much time blogging!  I ♥ blogging but it comes after family and work.

* * *

What are 5 things you can’t live without for blogging or otherwise?  Please share or better yet go link up at Artchoo!


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  1. I can’t knit either, but I also know how to crochet :)

    I never would have thought to make illustrations in powerpoint. I have illustrator, but don’t know how to use it well enough to use it frequently. I’m always coming up stuck, not knowing how to do something. I’ll figure it out someday – probably once all my kids are in school!!!

    I love my camera, and photoshop for blogging. But most of all, I like spending time with my kids – that’s where I get my best ideas, from them!
    maryanne @ mama smiles recently posted..Learning Laboratory: A Costume to Make Tinkerbell Proud!My Profile

    • Kids are the best inspiration, you’re right!

      I use Illustrator too but more for work. I have to get Photoshop, using Gimp for now.

      Next year both my kids will be in the same school full day! Looking forward to some extra time but I know it will be bittersweet : )

  2. Love this post and your ideas. It is interesting to hear that your “simple” graphics are as a result of the software you are using, not your personal ability or taste (totally understanding the idea of getting it done quickly, though).

    The camera really leads me. What is on my camera, what I cared enough to take a photo of (or what I cared little enough for…getting harder and harder to whip out the camera at meaningful family or public events…everyone knows what I am up to and it sometimes doesn’t feel right) is what I write about.

    Also, I will start new posts with just titles, so that I remember I had an idea for a post I’d like to do.
    Tiffanie recently posted..on happy placesMy Profile

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