Voting Day

Be informed, go vote, be heard!

Hey, hey, it’s voting day!

I almost always vote.  I know my one vote doesn’t make a big difference but for some reason I feel important on voting day.  I feel part of something big.  It reminds me of ants and what they are able to accomplish together with each one doing his itty-bitty part.  I also think about my grandmother who remembered when women were given the right to vote.  Can you imagine?!  Before 1920 women where not allowed to vote.

I get excited and I actually get nervous once I am in the booth.  What if I make a mistake?!  I remember my first time voting in a presidential election in 1988.  I voted absentee.  I voted for Michael Dukakis.  Do you remember that election?!

It’s like a holiday here.  No school.  Administrators plan a Cape wide teacher’s professional day on voting day which keeps kids safe and out of the schools that today serve as polling locations.

So Happy Voting Day my fellow ants!


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  1. I am heading over there in an hour or so. The booth scares me. Seriously. I don’t even know yet if it’s electric this year considering the hurricane. We shall see.

    I sometimes wonder if my one little vote would count and if i should even bother going, but i realize that if everyone thinks that way, and doesn’t show up for that reason, that’s a lot of one little votes.
    vanita recently posted..11 Practical Steps to Choosing A WAHM BusinessMy Profile

    • I have never voted with electronic equipment. When I lived near Boston they has mechanical voting machines and when you crank the lever it casts your vote and opens the curtain! On the Cape we have paper ballots and I am paranoid my vote won’t count unless I fill that dot in perfect so it takes me forever!

  2. I believe they should make it a National Holiday, so that people have the day off to be able to vote, and so people will be more likely to note the importance of the day. I would trade Columbus Day for it.
    Krista recently posted..First FlakesMy Profile

    • That is so great! There were homemade cookies at our polling location and my daughter lost a tooth while eating one. We couldn’t help joke it was a sign : )

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