5 minutes of fun with a piece of yarn, paper, and a hole punch

Guess what I am doing right now…

I am mending clothes, a pair of my son’s pants to be exact.  I don’t bother fixing most things but if my kids get a hole in something nice that still fits, I will add it to the top of my sewing pile.

What’s at the bottom?  Sorry Mr. Doodles and Jots, I promise to eventually get to your pants that you haven’t been able to wear for months because they need a button.  

If I let my kids wear clothes with holes the holes can mysteriously grow to be ten times their original size during a single episode of Octonauts!

Stitching up a hole in the knee of a pair of size 4T cargo pants is by no means glamorous.  For one thing I can’t see to thread the needle so well all of a sudden.  I need reading glasses and because I already wear glasses I can’t just go pick up some at CVS.

Sometimes I do put my husband’s glasses over mine (not a good look).

But back to mending…

I don’t get out my machine.  I sew by hand.  It’s not creative.  It is not exactly fun but for some reason it is nice.  My sewing box is open.  I am fixing something.  I am restoring its value.  I am saving our family money by not having to replace something.  I feel calm.  I have accomplished something.  These pants now have my fine stitches on them.  My son can wear them again.  He will be warm.  He will run his finger over my stitches (and hopefully not pick at them).

Mending brings up memories from my childhood of my mother and grandmother doing the same.  I like those memories.  In fact I feel a kind of kinship with mothers everywhere.

Sigh.  How many mom jobs can you say such awesome things about?!  Okay, maybe lots!

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    • So true. I try to stop myself from buying things all the time, it is just too much stuff and the expense adds up!

  1. girl i haven’t been able to see to thread the needle lately either. i keep having to ask younger teen. mending gets done a lot around here. i keep the sewing box stacked. 😀 and boys pants? super expensive. i just wish they were all super durable enough to keep up with Damian.
    vanita recently posted..12 Flavors of WAHMMy Profile

  2. Oh goodness. . I wish I had the patience to mend. . maybe it’ll come with time. Most of the time I just mend it all in a hurry if there’s no time to ask mom to do it. And most of the time .. my finger gets unmended in the process .. .*sigh*

    Thanks for linking up, Ann!
    Larissa T. recently posted..Humor Me Friday.My Profile

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