Bluebird and Book

Two weeks in a row we had big storms. First there was the hurricane and then came a nor’easter. This past Friday seemed to be the first nice day in a while and I wasn’t the only one who noticed! The birds were enjoying the sunshine in their favorite place to hang, my backyard. I saw doves, sparrows, cardinals, woodpeckers, chickadees, a hovering hawk, and wait for it… an Eastern Bluebird! It was quite a bird day for me. In addition to getting a couple nice photos of this blue celebrity I also got an picture of a Dark-eyed Junco and later in the day a Common Loon.

I just love bluebirds! This one is not quite as bright blue as one I saw this summer but it’s still beautiful. Along with the junco, I think this bluebird was just passing through.

Come back and visit any time, ya hear?!

You know what goes great with a bit of bird watching? Poetry!

Bluebird by Aileen Fisher

In the woods a piece of sky
fell down, a piece of blue.
“It must have come from very high,”
I said.  “It looks so new.”

It landed on a leafy tree
and there it seemed to cling,
and when I squinted up to see,
I saw it had a wing,
and then a head, and suddenly
I heard a bluebird sing!

This sweet little poem is included in I Hear a Bluebird Sing: Children Select Their Favorite Poems by Aileen Fisher. I love this innocent collection of childhood and nature inspired poems!  I think children can’t not like it too!  For more click here.

And a note to the publisher… This book looks like a textbook! Please print a new edition with updated COLOR illustrations!  May I suggest something in the style of Eloise Wilkins or Garth Williams. Or how about something that’s bold and graphic yet delicate and innocent? Hey, I might have time!

* * *

Do you have a favorite poetry book for kids? Please share…



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