Handmade Message Ornaments

I am finally REALLY looking forward to Christmas.

Since having kids it has become my favorite holiday again!  And now since I have finally finish shopping (mostly), send out the cards, got the tree up, decorations, lights, I can now start taking it all in.  It is fun getting a few cards in the mail everyday and seeing all the beautiful light displays around town.  My kids spent some time yesterday making and wrapping gifts.  My son was even wrapping some of his toys to give to his stuffed animals.  How cute is that?!  

I love handmade ornament and especially love getting out the ones the kids made from previous years.  They evoke such sweet memories.

Here is a simple and open-ended handmade ornament idea…

What you’ll need…

  • Popsicle sticks
  • PowerPoint and a printer (if you are using my template) or a nice gel pen
  • Ribbon
  • Glue stick and Elmer’s glue

Here’s how…

  1. Open the following PowerPoint template and customize your messages: Message Ornaments OR write your messages directly on the popsicle sticks.  I used Christmas songs.  You could also come up with Christmas wishes, holiday jokes, inspirational quotes, etc.  Add the year too if you like.
  2. If you are using the template, print and cut them out.  Then use the glue stick to attach them to your popsicle sticks.
  3. With the Elmer’s glue attach a 6 inch loop of ribbon to the back.

That’s it!  My daughter wants to make some today and I hope she uses the gel pen method because I love her handwriting.  I am also looking forward to seeing what she will write.  My son was sitting with me while I was adding lots of ornament ideas to my winter crafts Pinterest page.  He really want to make the make these Star Wars ornaments!

Have a favorite handmade ornament idea?  Please share a link or description!



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  1. I love but I also have the same question, your sticks look like the words are printed directly on it, not on a pasted paper. How did you work such magic?

    Btw, I linked to your tree post in my take a picture post today. I made trees too, without all the fancy schmancy cuts like your beauties so I thought a link was in order.
    Tania recently posted..Take A Picture…PaperMy Profile

    • Thanks for the link!

      I included a printable template using a script font. I do not have perfect handwriting like that! It is a PowerPoint file and standard windows font so you should have it if you have Office.

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