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Heart Books for Valentine’s Day

Welcome to my heart themed book list!  I had the idea for this list for a while and I am pretty excited to finally share it with you.  You have to love a shape/holiday/organ that symbolizes/expresses love!  Let’s celebrate that love with some books…  

1. “It’s so cute”, in my squeakiest baby voice!

My Little Sweetheart by Sarah Gillingham

Open these enticing board books to find darling die-cut pages, adorable artwork, and a fun finger puppet in each. My Little Sweetheart is just right for sharing at bedtime or any other time. While My Little Stocking is perfect for holiday reading and playtime fun (Amazon description)!

2. Kevin Henke’s books are also so cute but also SO authentic!

Lilly’s Chocolate Heart by Kevin Henkes

Lilly loves her chocolate heart.
Will she save it?
Forever and ever?
What do you think?

from Amazon

3. This counting book looks really cute!

Tweet Hearts by Susan Reagan

Tweet Hearts features two little lovebirds and ten little hearts. Preschoolers and their parents will love counting all the hearts from ten to one while reading along with the rhyming text.

Susan Reagan’s graphic, stylish illustrations of adorable lovebirds round out the package . . . and there’s a pop-up on the last spread: One big heart says I love you (Amazon description)!

4. We get this book out of the library on a regular basis!

My Heart Is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall

A heart can be hopeful, or silly, or happy. A heart can be rugged, or snappy, or lonely. A heart holds every different feeling, and debut author-artist Michael Hall captures each one with a delicate touch.

For each feeling, the bold, graphic artwork creates an animal out of heart shapes, from “eager as a beaver” to “angry as a bear” to “thoughtful as an owl.” An accessible and beautiful debut, My Heart Is Like a Zoo is everything a classic picture book should be: honest, sincere, and speaking directly to even the very youngest child (Amazon description).

5. You must own at least one Scanimation books!

Wizard of Oz Scanimation: 10 Classic Scenes from Over the Rainbow (Scanimation Books) by Rufus Butler Seder

We’re off to see the wizard! The magic of Scanimation meets the wonderful Wizard of Oz, bringing to life 10 memorable scenes from the movie that’s enchanted generations of viewers (from Amazon).

6. Fun book about shapes

The Shape of My Heart by Mark Sperring and illustrated by Alys Paterson

This is the shape of us, the shape of you and me This is the shape of our eyes, and this is the world that we see… From sun up to sun down, from our hands and our feet, to animals, cars, food, and teddy bears, the world is alive with endless shapes to identify. Once you start to look, who knows what shapes you’ll discover next!

With its gently reassuring text and vivid illustrations, The Shape of My Heart invites readers to look beyond the obvious, and explore the world in a whole new way (from Amazon).
7. This is a touching story but the illustrations really steal the show!  

The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers

There is a wonder and magic to childhood. We don’t realize it at the time, of course . . . yet the adults in our lives do. They encourage us to see things in the stars, to find joy in colors and laughter as we play.

But what happens when that special someone who encourages such wonder and magic is no longer around? We can hide, we can place our heart in a bottle and grow up . . . or we can find another special someone who understands the magic. And we can encourage them to see things in the stars, find joy among colors and laughter as they play.

Oliver Jeffers delivers a remarkable book, a tale of poignancy and resonance reminiscent of The Giving Tree that will speak to the hearts of children and parents alike (Amazon description).

8. This story includes lots of interesting tidbits about heart health.  It’s a great combination of fiction and nonfiction although not a stand alone “how it works” book.  Also beware if your kids are pestering you for a dog!

Henry’s Heart: A Boy, His Heart, and a New Best Friend by Charise Mericle Harper

Henry (and his heart) are perfectly happy playing indoors. But Henry’s mom encourages him to go for a walk outside. Soon, Henry’s heart starts beating faster. Is Henry riding a rollercoaster? Is he doing jumping jacks? What could be making Henry’s heart beat faster?

In this engaging, informative story, children learn about the many ways the heart functions within the body, and how what we see, hear, and feel can directly affect our heart rate (like falling in love with a puppy!). Henry’s Heart leads him to the best gift ever—woof woof (Amazon description)!

9. I love looking at rocks and think these heart shaped ones would make nice little gifts.

Heart Stones

A heart stone is one of nature’s gifts. Heart stones are not rare or precious in the typical sense–a good scour of a beach with any stones at all will usually turn up one or two heart-shaped stones. But heart stones, lifted from their obscurity, with all of their cracks and blemishes, lopsided and imperfect, are simply the best find on any beach. Beachcombers collect them, keep them as talismans, and give them to friends and lovers.

Josie Iselin, author of Abrams’ very popular Beach Stones, has put together a magical collection of 100 heart stones, and each one expresses a universal feeling. Love, passion, admiration, obsession, reassurance, joy, intrigue, comfort, wonder, and many other human emotions seem to be portrayed in these homely but appealing objects. This little book can bring great pleasure to anyone who has ever sought inspiration and solace in nature.

10. And let’s not forget Raggedy Ann and her candy heart that reads ‘I love you’!  Here is a FREE Kindle edition of these classic stories!

Raggedy Ann Stories by by Johnny Gruelle

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For more, check out our Valentine’s Day library request list from last year here.

Did I miss a good one?  Please share!

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  1. So, everything will he heart-themed these days? :) I There is one book about love that I really love but it’s in my native language and probably no-one else knows it…but it was a perfect gift. The ones with touching pictures/drawings speaking volumes are my faves!
    Alexandra recently posted..Choosing a name for your babyMy Profile

    • Maybe! I wonder if I could pull that off?!

      If you can find the book online share a link! I am always curious about children’s books from other cultures!

    • Pinkalicious, those seem very popular! Also The Very Fairy Princess books, I haven’t read them but love the Christine Davenier illustrations.

    • Will definitely check out your links, we LOVE My Heart is Like a Zoo!

      Loved the video, posting it to my FB page!

    • I really like the heart stones too, makes me want to go searching for some!

      There is a series of Scanimation books that started with Gallop I think and each page is animated. They are pretty fun!

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