Tweet Hearts Giveaway and Math Printable

Congratulations Natalie, you are the winner of this giveaway!  For more changes to win this fun book head on over to Susan Reagan Illustration on Facebook!  

Tweet Hearts Review and Giveaway

Recently I posted a heart themed book list for Valentine’s Day and while promoting it I connected with and started following Susan Reagan the author and illustrator of Tweet Hearts.  I bought this book to give to my son on Valentine’s Day (shh! don’t tell him).  Tweet hearts is a counting book for little ones featuring lovebirds and their ten little hearts.  The rhyming text and graphic illustrations are pure fun!  

This is Susan’s first book.  She worked first as an illustrator for American Greetings and then for years on children’s products.  You can see more of her beautiful illustrations here.  Making the move to children’s books, especially starting with one for Valentine’s Day, seems like such a natural progression for this talented lady!

Check out this fun promo video!

And these beautiful 2 page speads from Tweet Hearts…


Really fun right?!  This is one you won’t mind reading 101 times, in fact, you will enjoy it!

And with all the counting, this book will also really put you in the mood to do some math!  How about some subitizing…

What is subitizing?

According to my first grader, an expert in subitizing, it is “knowing numbers in a snap”!  You can do it with dot cards.  Each card has a different quantity of dots in patterns and kids learn to quickly recognize quantities by playing games.

Think this is too advanced for your little one?  Well some experts believe that babies are able to subitize small numbers naturally before they can count!

Heart “Dot Cards” Printable

For Valentine’s Day how about subitizing with HEART dot cards!  Click on the following hyperlink and print out the 2 page PDF on card stock: heart dot cards

heart dot cards page one preview

Here are a few games to play with them…

  1. Place all cards face down and play Memory with the numerical number and its corresponding dot card.
  2. Quickly display a card and see if your child can match the quantity and pattern with buttons or small rocks.
  3. Select a card and place remaining cards to the left or right depending on whether they are smaller or larger.

I bet you can think of more fun and educational ways to play!

Now for the GIVEAWAY!  One lucky Doodles and Jots reader will win a copy of Tweet Hearts (U.S. residents only please)!

Enter with Rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Visit Susan Reagan Illustration on Facebook February 4th for more ways to win Tweet Hearts!

Good luck everyone and have fun counting this Valentine’s Day!

♥ ♥ ♥

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    • Hahaha!
      Winter books are a fun way to enjoy winter when it is too cold to go outside (like it is now here – 6 degrees this morning)!

  1. I would love to add another wonderful counting book to my collection. My childcare kids love it when we read them. And its fun to always have something different to work on a memory task such as counting.

  2. I have a new book about mermaids and sharks. It’s Danger in the Deep Blue Sea, #3 in my Mermaid Tales series with Simon and Schuster. I’d love to send it to you for review.

  3. We are mostly reading Horton Hears A Who and The Story About Ping. I get lots of requests to say, “We are here! We are here! We are here! We are here!” in a high-pitched squeaky voice wherever we go.

  4. A better question would be, what are we NOT reading?! My son LOVES to read and we have shelves full of books all over our house for him!

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