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Sell Your Own Designs at Cafe Press

It all started with Animal Tracks in the Snow and a poster I fell in love with at Cafe Press.  I created a link to that poster, in that post, and I had a bunch of people click on that link so I thought I would see if they had an affiliate program.  When I was checking into it I discovered Cafe Press is a great site for artists and designers to set up shop and sell their designs on a variety of products from bags and t-shirts to posters as well as a whole bunch of other gift items!  


So I am excited to tell you that I have set up a Doodles and Jots shop!

And it was really easy to do!  I only have one design so far but you can get it in an assortment of organic textiles as well as lots of colors including green (non organic)!  It is the Aran Sweater from this post.  I plan to add more but I need my artwork in a higher resolution.  For Cafe Press image tips click here.

Definitely check back later for more Doodles and Jots designs!

* * *

You know why I don’t have many of my images at a higher resolution?  Because my computer died this past fall and I did something funny with my last backup and so I have what appears to be a corrupted backup folder for everything I created on my computer from about May to October of last year.  I used Norton 360.  

Any computer gurus out there have advice for me?!  

Also, now I am using Windows 8 History but Mr. Doodles and Jots thinks I should just copy files “as is” into my external hard drive.  Thoughts?

* * *

Cafe Press: Design Your Own T-shirts, Bags, Etc

Interested in just making personalized gift items with photos?  You can do that too at Cafe Press!  Make custom gifts for dad or grandparents!  You are probably saying, “but grandma already has a mug with the grand kids.”  Okay, but does she have flip flops? an iPhone case? yoga mat? shower curtain?  You know she would probably just love seeing her grand kids larger than life every time nature calls!

* * *

Do you have a great idea for photo gifts?  Please share!

* * *

Setting up my Cafe Press shop was definitely a “guilty pleasure” the theme of this week’s Maui Shop Girl’s Take a Picture link up!


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    • One of these day I am going to find the time to research it – so far it hasn’t made it to the top of my to do list. Thanks for stopping by Alexandra : )

    • I don’t think you can but I would like to research it – I’m sure you can somewhere online. Thanks MaryAnne!

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