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My blogging friend, Mia, recently asked me how I manage work, be a mom, and blog.  As if she doesn’t know!  She had 3 kids with busy schedules and 3 awesome blogs (Pragmatic Mom, I Love Newton, and Jade Luck Club).  She posts to Pragmatic Mom at least once a day and her other blogs are very current too.  Not only that but since her posts are educational they are always well researched which requires time too!

All mom bloggers manage to blog on top of an already full life.  I get a lot of satisfaction and community out of it.  Being home all the time as a mom can be isolating and blogging can really help fill that void.

When I started my blog it was more realistic time wise because I was between freelance projects that up until then were 2 and 3 month stints with some time off in between.  These breaks kept life sane.  I could neglect things here and there and catch up on them after a project was complete.  My current project has been going on over a year and I work between 15 and 20 hours a week.  It has been challenging.  I have made some mistakes but luckily I have an awesome boss and have been able to stick to my time schedule.

I also get help from my husband now that he is focusing just on his music and DJ business instead of trying to have a day job too.  We split the driving and many of the household chores.  I do the dishes, cooking, and bills.  He does the food shopping, garbage, and bathroom.  He does the laundry and I fold it.  We also share the nighttime routine when he is home and I try and get the whole family involved in picking up the house every evening.

My kids are now 5 and 7 and are so much easier!   I was just thinking the other day what a pain it was to clean up after eating babies!  My kids practically needed baths after each meal and everyone would be long gone from the dinner table while I would still be cleaning up, on my hands and knees, a 6 foot radius around the highchair!  In fact next year when they are both in the same school with my son in all day kindergarten I kind of wonder what I will do with myself!  I think I will be a little sad too.  Do you ever think about what you did with your time before kids?!

I have found that what works for me on my current freelance project is to set aside 2 and a half days and get it all done in that time.  Let me tell you, it is not easy.  Our family makes sacrifices.   I don’t ignore my kids on those day but I do not spend any quality time with them and my husband mostly tends to their needs.  I am always saying, “ask Daddy”.  My family does not get a home cooked meal on those days either but my office is also the play room and I enjoy being around them while I work.  I feel luck about this since I know it wouldn’t work for everyone.

Blogging has some clear benefits for our family like helping me focus on the joys of family life and introducing me to great children’s books and parenting ideas from other mom bloggers.  I try to work on my blog while the kids are playing, in school, or sleeping, but I would be lying if I told you it doesn’t take time away from my kids.  It does.  I think it is worth the sacrifice though because I see my blog as possibly turning into my primary source of income.  Not sure how yet but I really enjoy it and think it could be possible.

Squeezing in social media and emails has been so much easier now that I have an iPhone but I don’t think I will ever have a million followers anywhere and that is okay with me.

I love posting everyday but it is hard.  I have recently discovered that not posting everyday might not be the solution for me since one day easily turns into 2 day or more!  I love well researched posts or well explained innovative craft ideas but know this is not realistic with my schedule   My goal is posting 6 days and having a couple involved posts but with a couple of very short post to balance it out.

There are personal sacrifices too.  I don’t shower everyday or even get dressed half the time.  I don’t try and do it all.  I am realistic but I know I could do more.  I have fallen off from my exercising.  I was and would like to walk/jog 3 times a week minimum but it hasn’t been happening.  I read with the kids at night but I used to read about a book a week for myself.  I don’t have time for that but I could read for 15 minutes a night.

After reflection I think I am a work in progress.  I think I am always making fine tune adjustments to what works.  I am realistic but ambitious.  I am happy but striving.

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What are some time saving tips that work for you?  Please share!

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    • I don’t think that is weird, you know what they say, if you want something done ask a busy person to do it.

  1. Thanks for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading it. Just like you, I love blogging and I do it everyday but I make sure that I still have time for my husband and my kids. Being a wife, a mother of 2, and a blogger is pretty challenging but I always give myself time to relax and a time for myself every weekend. Weekend breaks are very important for me and it helps in a lot of ways. Allow yourself some time off and you will be fine. :)
    Janet Dubac recently posted..Raising Kids With SimplicityMy Profile

    • Thanks! I manage to relax too! I don’t know some people are able to be go, go, go without down time. It would be nice to get more done but I definitely reach a limit.

  2. Great post, thanks for putting it so well. I a home mum and my boys are 8 and 11. I love to blog, about twice a week and as I have just started, it is always an achievement to get a post written and high excitement if someone likes it or comments!
    I also have my Etsy shop to upkeep and I really enjoy making jewels and selling them.
    Before I know it, 2.45pm has sped around and my day is done, off to get the boys and make dinner. Not so much time to get everything done, but it keeps me busy and creative!
    Thanks for Doodles and Jots!
    Clare recently posted..I want a friend with a cafe and other pressing needs.My Profile

    • I know after school rolls around so quickly. Like would be more sane for me without the blog… but it is so fun!

    • I would really love to post 3 or 4 more substantial posts per week. I wonder if I cold pull that off. I tend to be naturally brief.

  3. I love this post because I always struggle with not feeling like I do enough. It helps to know that others are doing some of the same things I am, and that it is perfectly normal. For example, I am often in my pajamas until Simon’s nap time.
    Krista recently posted..Our Snowy DayMy Profile

  4. So not a mom but have a pretty time consuming day job. I don’t groom much or get myself looking semi-acceptable these days either. I could blog hop, write a post or take a picture in the time it takes me to “make pretty”.

    I also sacrifice most socializing, choosing to be a blogging introvert on the weekends. So I’m lily white in a place with year round sunshine.

    Your site looks great Ann, I wish you the best of luck in going commercial. You are very talented :-)
    Tania recently posted..Maui Open Studios…Shane RobinsonMy Profile

    • Of course we need to get out to have something to blog about ; ) but I hear ya, we will be glad we stayed out of the sun years from now!

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