Florida or Bust

As promised, here is my Instagram road trip travel log!  Months ago we decided to drive down to Florida for my sister’s wedding since it is during school vacation week when airfare is so steep.  I was surprised at how well the kids did on our more than 1,500 mile drive!  It was their first time.  They had their Kindles, books on tape, and took plenty of naps!  Their favorite was Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin which we listen to twice!  And since we had to leave a day early we had a nice afternoon in DC.  We also spent 2 days at Disney and I promise to post about that soon.

Start of the storm

stormy river

I think we were in denial about the storm actually hitting.  By the time we started taking it seriously it was too late to get out entirely ahead of it.  

Getting out of town

snowy road

We drove through New England in very snowy conditions but managed to get through safely just before they closed I95!

A quick stop in New Bedford on our way to Florida!


We made a quick shop in New Bedford (The Whaling City) for my husband’s favorite pizza.

Fall River, people! See the snow?!


The cities come a lot quicker in New England than they do in the South.

Welcome to Rhode Island!

sailing in the snow



Southern RI, getting bad, just saw a semi accident north bound, driving very carefully!

water tower in snow

National guard? Looks like a toy!


Stopped in CT…

stopped in snow

We crazy! Almost to NY…

white out

Very few people were on the road by this point with almost white out conditions!

Last one for tonight, George Washington Bridge

GW bridge

Back on the road in now sunny NJ; sorry Dad, we are taking over the stereo today

books on tape

Delaware Bridge

Delaware Bridge

Tolls, tolls, and more tolls; we’re in Maryland now!


Salt, all that’s left of the snow


Courtyard at National Portrait Gallery/Smithsonian American Art Museum

courtyard ceiling

Fountain in the courtyard


Hands-on carts at Smithsonian

art cart

United States of TV’s? Having their typical zombie effect


Paths in the sky; back on the road in VA; maybe Washington memorials on the way home


The land of really tall signs (NC)!

tall signs

Back on the road, NC sunrise

NC sunrise

Vast sky in GA; I did some driving today, hard to get used to a 70 mph speed limit

GA sky

Jacksonville, officially in FL!!!


One last nap before Disney, shh, it’s a surprise!


Grapity, grape!


We had fun at Disney!

disney power lines

More on our Disney stop coming soon!

* * *

I think the most challenging part of travelling with kids is all the bathroom stops!  Have you ever taken a long road trip with kids?  Please share your tips!


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  1. Ooooh, I loved the Instagrams! Felt like I was riding along. :) Love the Smithsonian courtyard and fountain… I’ll have to go sometime.

    We’ve been on road trips with kids in pretty challenging conditions – SCARY toilets in Egypt, not sure where the toilets were in Cyprus, and very infrequent ones here in Western Australia (population is low compared to the size of the state, so you can go a long way without amenities). We carry a fold-up potty with disposable absorbant bags for the waste, then throw away the bag when we get a chance. Works well for kids this size, and they’re also learning to wait!
    Elisa | blissfulE recently posted..scatteredMy Profile

    • I know, I was very impressed with how well they did, I was prepared for the worst. There was a little bit of that repetitive nonsense talking kids do when they are bored but no tantrums or disagreements, it was great!

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