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We are SO happy to finally be home after almost two weeks in Florida!  We had such a great adventure driving down the east coast, visiting Disney for the first time, spending time with relatives, and attending my sister’s wedding is Southern Florida.  It was so jam packed we hardly made it to the beach!

I am planning several posts inspired by our Florida trip including…  

  • an illustrated post about swimming
  • family road trip travel tips
  • reflections on Disney
  • ABC’s of Florida photo post
  • Birds of Florida

Travelling sure is inspirational!  I had so much fun keeping an Instagram travel journal on the way down that I decided to do it again on the way back!  It really was a great way to pass the time during our 25 hour drive.  We had a great trip back.  The kids slept a lot, we really made all our stops count, and didn’t run into any traffic even though our second travel day was a Monday.  We were so lucky!

This time I stepped it up a bit by adding puns.  Even Mr. Doodles and Jots joined in on the fun!  After all, he is the original punster!

SO!  Since I am too pooped to come up with something new today here is an encore of my Instagram return trip travel log!

Florida Fog

Bye for now Southern Florida; our vacation was un-fog-ettable!

Spanish Moss

Hey y’all! Greetings from Georgia; hmm, moss think of a pun…

logging truck

Lumbering by…

water tower1

Greetings from SC and water you passing by?

Highway Pines

Pining for home but enjoying the ride through SC


Bill-bored in NC!

hotel hall

We made it to the “red carpet” in northern NC for the night (It was Oscar night!)

truck and sunrise

Truckin’ as day breaks in VA; I thought this was a truck when I took the picture but now I’m not sure what it is!

James River

James River, VA; we crossed, cables stayed

Quantico Memorial

Quantico Marines Museum; I love that I captured this!  I just missed it on the way down!

water tower2

Holding our water in Maryland (okay, so I am a little obsessed with water towers, have you seen this post?)

smoke stack

Balti more driving

Wise truck

This guy ought to know where to go

tanks in NJ

Tanks for the memories NJ

NJ Turnpike

I’m gonna need a new jersey after all this soot (sorry NJ, I am sure you have some beautiful parts too, just not along the NJ Turnpike)


Start spreadin’ the news

New London

New London, old snow


Flying home

Providence sign

RI’s can see the light at the end of the tunnel

MA welcome sign

Signs of home

Paul Revere

One if by van!

Sagamore Bridge

Home (Sagamore or less)!

* * *

I think I captured some great ones but there were pictures I missed while I was driving, that passed by too fast, or were too far away to capture properly on my iPhone.  There was the densely packed homes piled on the slopping land of Fall River.  There was a completely out of place full color statue of a woman, I think a cowgirl, that passed by too quickly.  There were 3 goats in graduating size that reminded me of the Billy Goats Gruff.  I also saw one of those old abandoned farmhouses being swallowed up by trees that reminded me of this book…

What was the most inspiring trip you ever took?  Please share!


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  1. Ann it was great fun traveling with you. I had fond memories traveling from NY to GA when we made the big move last June. I was once again reminded how fun and important it is to get away.
    I loved your pictures and your puns especially 😉
    Alma recently posted..Nourishing the SpiritMy Profile

    • Thanks Alma! It really is! This is the first time we have ever went away for 2 whole weeks and 6 years since we have been down to Florida (where a lot of my family lives). We vowed not to wait that long again. We had such a great time!

  2. Enjoyed the journey with you! Love your punny self! I got to FL 3 times. Once to visit my stepson with my late hubby when he lived in Sarasota. It was so pretty. Then twice I went solo to Disney World. The last time I was dating my current hubby and he don’t travel. I said I was going anyway, as I love it. I came back on Christmas Eve and he proposed. It was funny. I got him to VA once so far in 3 years, so we are heading a bit further from NY on vacation. I can’t wait to hear about your trip.

    • Thanks fellow fan of puns! I went to Disney once by myself too. I was on a business trip in Orlando and I couldn’t get any colleagues to go with me. It was great being solo! So much easier to maneuver through the crowds : ) I am a big Disney fan!

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