Birds on Vaca

We kept running into the same bird brains down in Florida!

Take for example the Boat-tailed Grackles.  Man were they strange!  Can you even imagine being in Florida and wanting to hang out in parking lots all the time?!

florida boat-tailed

Yes, super strange, and NOISY!

florida boat-tailed2

Oh, and GRUMPY!

florida boat-tailed3

I mean, not even Disney could cheer these guys up!

Then there were the Black Vultures, gangs of them, just hangin’ out.

florida volture

And watching, from way up high.

florida volture2

Every time I looked up there was at least one circling.

florida volture4

Talk about creepy!

Then there were the Northern Mockingbirds.  Okay, yes, we see them at home on Cape Cod, occasionally, from afar, in the summer, but in Florida THEY WHERE EVERYWHERE!

florida mockingbird

And all the time singing their happy song.  And singing.

florida mockingbird2

And SINGING!  I mean enough already!

Here, see what I mean?!

And how about these goofs!

florida ibis

Or this NOSY bird!

florida pelican

Don’t get me wrong.  We had fun in Florida.  It was just hard with all the annoying crowds!

* * *

Learn more about birds of Florida in this great book…

Smithsonian Handbooks: Birds of Florida (Smithsonian Handbooks)


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    • Yes loud! I think the Common Grackles sound like rusty screen doors opening and closing.
      What is with the vultures circling all the time – totally creepy!

    • We had a great time! It really makes the winter here in New England bearable because when you return you can feel spring coming!

    • The mockingbirds are fascinating to listen to. The catbirds too. I have a video of those too somewhere here. They mimic so many kinds of birds. I watched a YouTube video that identified all the birds/animals as the bird was mimicking them.

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