Oz Movie Review

oz movie review

We ended my birthday week with two fun activities.  A visit to the bookstore where I had fun checking out some new picture books and my kids got to spend some birthday money.  And last night we went to see Oz the Great and Powerful!

We’ve been looking forward to it for weeks!  For a long time The Wizard of Oz was my son’s favorite movie even though he has to walk out of the room during the scary parts.  And even though neither of my kids seem to have the attention span for the book yet.

We all enjoyed it but to be completely honest it was touch and go for me at times.  The original Wizard of Oz is based on the first of 14 books by L. Frank Baum set in Oz.  Oz the Great and Powerful, directed by Sam Raimi, supposes a back story with many set and plot details mimicking or inspired by the original Wizard of Oz movie.

It starts off in black and white with a traveling carnival and a magician played by James Franco with less than stellar character traits which quickly get him in trouble.  He ends up escaping in a hot air balloon that enters a perfect storm and lands him in Technicolor!  Great so far but here is where it veers for me.  He meets up with an Oz resident played by Mila Kunis in a red pants suit.  She turns out to be one of the three witches.  The other two are played by Rachel Weiss and Michelle Williams.  Everyone hopes James Franco is the foretold new leader of Oz and he goes along with it despite his wizarding insecurities for the promise of gold.

I like the James Franco character who proves himself indeed powerful.  How he does it is lot of fun!  I am also particularly fond of the china doll who becomes one of his travel companions.  When I think back to the parts of the movie that didn’t work as well for me they were scenes featuring the witches.  There is a mystical fight scene at the end which is particularly dreadful.

With such high expectations it is no wonder I didn’t crazy love this movie but the original has its awkwardness too but for some reason we forgive it.  Is it the music?  This film is not a musical.  Maybe that is the problem.  Maybe they could re-release it with a bunch of musical numbers and then I think I could forgive the witch fight.

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Suggest apps to me! 

I also got an iPad per my birthday.  My kids love it endlessly and I like it for web browsing and writing/note-taking with OneNote but I would really like to see what else this thing can do for me!  And a question…  Anyone have trouble leaving comments of blogger blogs from their iPad?  If I try and leave a comment it sort of freezes up then swallows my comment.  Ideas?  Solutions?

I really lucked out finding an iPad case I love online.  The suede-like lined soft touch plastic case snaps on the four corners of your iPad and flaps closed to cover the screen.  It also has a easy to use two position plastic stand.  Here’s the link if you are in the market for one…


I also got an iPhone this past summer and as a long time PC user, I have to say, i am really lovin’ these high quality user-friendly, minimally Apple gadgets!


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  1. Apps: Vine, Ziplist, Pinterest. I saw Oz yesterday am with a butt load of girl scouts. It didn’t live up to my expectations, but I liked it. I felt like it dragged a bit. I loved the china doll, and agree that James Franco was a good character. The witches weren’t so even, I guess, huh? They could have been more… something. I do love the whole idea of the movie- the backstory of the Wizard; that’s really fun! You know what is so weird, though? I didn’t even notice that this movie was in b&w at first and turned to color. Woah.
    Artchoo recently posted..Tissue Paper Easter Egg ProjectMy Profile

    • Going to get Ziplist my husband would love it (since he usually does the shopping).
      Same with me – love the idea of the movie! That is funny you didn’t notice the black and white. It reminds me of growing up. We had a color TV in the living room and a black and white one in the kitchen – the olden days!

    • You mean the Socialize share box/buttons? I hate how it looks but some people have told me they have trouble the Shareaholic buttons and another person told me they have trouble with the Socialize Pinterest button. I don’t want to discourage sharing so now I am stuck with both. I wish the Shareaholic plugin worked for everyone I like the look of that one better.

    • We like him too!
      I know what you mean about books and movies! Especially books, there are so many I want to read. I think that is what I like about kids books. You can read them much faster!

  2. So sounds like maybe a rental? Did the kids love it?
    Congrats on the iPad. Big or mini? Something tells me the kids probly hijack it a lot. :-)
    For kids
    Solar walk, mathboard,

    For you
    Instagram, 5-0 radio, clams, hootsuite, pandora, PBS ,iheartradio

    For hubby: garage band

    • Probably find to wait for the rental. I would say movies like this are always better on the big screen but with HD TV’s now you can just about get the full affect.

      I got a big one. I love it but yes the kids always want to use it and thanks for the app picks!

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