Egg Life

egg design

Welcome to the fourth installment of my egg series!  Life is great for fans of the egg!  Lots of designy things take inspiration from the egg and why not?!  We all started out in an egg, of sorts, and what better way to evoke a feeling of comfort and security. There are a lot of very literal interpretations out there which I tried to stay away from although it was hard!

Click on each image for source link.

Welcome to “Egg Life” where one lives in a house like this…  

egg house

Energy efficient concept home by Roberto Casati

Wears clothes like this…


Balenciaga 1960 egg coat

Drives a car like this…


Inspired by the original Beetle design by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931

And visits places like this…


Tree top walk in the Bavarian Forest National Park

Then they buy flowers for vases like this…


From nature inspired designer Ted Muehling

Surf with a mouse like this…


Egg Mouse from ELECOM

Keep their money in something like this…


Egg Bank by Japanese designer Kansaku Oshiro

Read magazine found here…

magazine holder

Ovo Magazine holder by Branex Design

Relax in a chair like this…

egg chair

Designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958

Watch movies with egg shaped robots…


EVE from Pixar’s 2008 Wall-E

After a long hard day have a warm bath in this…


Pond Bathtub from FTF Design Studio

And finally fall asleep in a bed like this…

Lomme 8

Sleep environment from LOMME

I think all these egg designs look futuristic and familiar at the same time!  What do you think?  Are you drawn to the egg?  Please share!


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    • You’ve been there?! It looks so cool!
      The bed is a bit strange like something you might see in a futuristic movie. On the website it describes a sleep experience with sound etc. I think it would be interesting to try it out : )

    • Thanks Elisa! I think it would be fun to buy for a new home and sprinkle in some design classics like that chair!

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