Easy Egg Encaustic

melty crayon eggs

We used to go out for breakfast on the weekends all the time before kids but since kids it is not as fun for me.  I don’t know about your kids but my kids don’t like restaurants and all the waiting, even though we bring activities and restaurants hand out crayons.  I also prefer eating a little lighter in the morning and maximizing my weekend time.  So I guess I get antsy too but my husband still really like to go I acquiesce once in a while.  That once in a while was this past weekend…  

While we were waiting for our eggs and waffles, sipping coffee, I picked up one of those crayons and started drawing on my hot coffee mug.  It got all swirly and melty and painty looking.  It was really fun!  I let the kids try.  They I wiped it off before the server saw.  This would make a fun craft post, I thought!  They I remembered about Easter and my egg post series and I thought about hot hard-boiled eggs!

A lot of times I have an idea for a craft it becomes a glorious failure but not this time!  It was easy, super fun, and I think the results are stunning!

Crayon Egg Decorating

easy egg painting

Decorate your Easter eggs with an EASY take on an ancient painting technique called encaustic or painting with hot wax.  

Hard-boil some eggs and leave them simmering on the stove.  Set up an area to work with a dish towel, crayons, and an idea of what you want to draw/paint.  Wearing an oven mitt, lift out one egg with a spoon, dry it, and get right to work!  You want your egg to stay hot while you work so the crayons melt as you apply them so work at a moderate pace.  Support the egg with the dish towel or oven mitt so you do not burn yourself.  Once done, set aside to cool, and repeat.  Children need LOTS of supervision if participating!

I hope you try it, it is REALLY fun and all you need is crayons and eggs!

* * *

Do you have a favorite egg decorating method?  Please share, links are welcome!


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  1. Seriously…these are so gorgeous I can’t get over it.

    I wonder…since my little one is still so young…how it might work on warm but not burning hot eggs. Hmm…we might have to experiment with it.
    Krista recently posted..ThankfulMy Profile

    • Thanks Krista! You would know best. Maybe a lap sit activity? Also I though of having kids put gloves/mittens on for this project.

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