01 cowbird story  

02 finches

03 nest bulding

04 laying eggs

05 sitting on eggs

06 nest with eggs

07 cowbirds

08 brood parasite

09 mixed eggs

10 finch confusion

11 sitting on mixed eggs

12 hatchlings

* * *

13 fledglings

15 I spy cowbirds

16 goodbye nest

The End 

* * *

This is my ninth egg post and am just about sick of eggs!  How about you?!

Male cowbirds have brown heads and black bodies.  Females are gray.  Male House Finches have red and females don’t.  Cowbirds are brood parasites which means they lay their eggs in other birds nests!  What do you think of that?

For more about cowbirds and this strange behavior watch this video segment from Nova.

We have House Finches that nest over our garage.  I have already seen them back to check on their nest!  Check out this post to see their eggs from last year!


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    • Thanks Elisa! In the video they compare these birds to mafia because they retaliate if the host birds get rid of the cowbird eggs.

  1. You already ARE a children’s book writer and illustrator. Your comments on these illustrations are exactly what children like to learn. In early elementary there is a need for appealing and interesting non-fiction books. Schools with the AR program require kids to read non-fiction.

    • Thanks Nancy! That is interesting about the AR requirements. Seems like there are lots of interesting things going on in the curriculum world. I would love to learn more!

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