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We’ve been having a magical time exploring the deep blue sea and getting caught up on the happenings at Trident Academy!

mermaid tales

The Lost Princess (available May 7th)

Mermaid Tales Review and Printable

Trident Academy is a prestigious school for mer-kids from the fun chapter book series Mermaid Tales. Debbie Dadey, the award winning and prolific coauthor of the Bailey School Kids series, writes for the reluctant reader which I think is awesome since I was a reluctant reader early on.  My seven year old daughter isn’t exactly a reluctant reader in the classic sense but she does have some tendencies.  She reads above her first grade level but is very reluctant to tackle big words and long books. I encourage but I don’t push. After all, I have a 350 page limit on books I read for myself. Honestly I love reading but I read slow and there are lots of other activities I enjoy too. These books are really manageable. They are under one hundred pages each and have generous line spacing which makes tracking easy. My daughter and I took turns reading the first four books and my five year old son listened in (and sometimes out).

Each book centers around a small group of mermaid friends, their school adventures, and the social conflicts that arise. I could tell my daughter was really interested in these social situations and I valued the opportunity to discuss them with her and role play a little. What I really enjoyed way the fantasy of Trident City and the undersea descriptions! For example the school is actually a giant shell and bioluminescent jellyfish are used for lighting.  My favorite book was number 3, A Whale of a Tale where the girls get whale rides! My daughter’s favorite was book 4, Danger in the Deep Blue Sea and the excitement around a shark scare. What I appreciate most about this series, in addition to the focus on reluctant readers, is learning bits and pieces about different sea animals. Each book includes student reports at the end and an excellent glossary.

Debbie Dadey sent us all four books that we planned to read in Florida while we were on vacation.  Doesn’t that sound fun?!  Reading about mermaids at the beach?!  Unfortunately we didn’t have a whole lot of quiet time for reading so we ended up doing most of our reading when we got back.

Trident City is sure a fun place to visit! Want to visit too? Check out the Trident City Travel Guide!  There are other fun things to check out on Debbie Dadey site like how to start a mermaid club, a mermaid coloring page (my daughter loves Tatevik Avakyan’s illustrations), and writing resources for aspiring young mermaids. Want to read these?  Well get on board!  Here’s the link to book one.  My daughter can’t wait for book 5, The Lost Princess, which comes out May 7th and I am excited for September when book 6 comes out. It has a seahorse chariot on the cover (my favorite sea animal)!

Check out our video except from book 4, Danger in the Deep Blue Sea

To go along with these fun mermaid books how about a fun mermaid craft!

mermaid print preview

Printable Mermaid Craft

mermaid craft

Print out the following PDF on card-stock: mermaid printable

Color the mermaid and her human legs and then cut out both shapes.  Fold the mermaid’s tail fin forward along the gray line.  Next align the mermaid’s human legs behind her tail fin and glue tab just about the tail fin fold.  Now you can color her human dress and decorate with glitter glue!

Hope you like this craft and definitely check out these books!


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