new osprey nest

I see this nest when I drop my daughter off at school in the morning.  I originally thought it was a crows nest because I first saw it in the fall and there were crows in it.  Now I know after a year and a half of making my drop that it is actually an Osprey nest and the Osprey evict the loitering crows every spring.  This grand spot is on top of an old school.  The school I went to in fact.  After years of being abandoned and neglected it is now under construction and being turned into apartments.  A couple weeks ago I noticed the nest was gone after a new roof appeared.   I was wondering what the Osprey would do and sure enough they rebuild!  That is their spot after all.

Can you spot the House Sparrows hanging out on the nest?  Are they groupies?


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    • I remember my dad trying to get some swallows to stop nesting right above our door. The would tweet angrily every time we came and went. He would take the nest down and they would immediately rebuild in the same spot. Birds are pretty persistent with their nesting spots!

    • Thanks MaryAnne! Not quite as clear as I’d like but you’d probably need heaps of expensive equipment for that!

  1. Such a great pic! My late hubby used to take me out east to see the Osprey and he would explain their nesting etc. The county would build large poles with a platform on them for them to nest on.

    • Thanks Winnie! I got a few pictures yesterday of Osprey on one of those platforms. I have to share a couple on Facebook. I like seeing the birds nesting : )

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