ED wind win

Our earth is home to lots and lots and LOTS of living things.  

ED life

It is hard to image there are enough resources to go around (resources are the things we use and depend on).

ED resources (wind and fossil fuel)

Some resources are finite meaning we could use them up and others are renewable which means they will never run out.

ED cars

We love going places but the fuel we burn is running out.

ED pollution

It makes poison as it burns polluting our air and water.

ED walk

But driving is not the only want to get around!  Why not take a walk?! Have you ever noticed how much more fun it is?  Not only is it good for our earth but it is also good for our bodies!

ED wind power

And maybe your next car will be electric. Electricity can be produced from renewable resources like wind!

* * *

Happy Earth Day EVERYDAY everyone!



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    • I suppose we can’t change overnight. I do hope gradually we start relying on non combustable energy sources.

  1. Great message for kids on Earth Day and the need to be careful with how we live. I’ve pinned to my Earth Day board. Should we call these free toddler preschool blog books? It’s not an ebook. It’s a free book. We need a special moniker for your gorgeous books!

    • Thanks and thanks for pinning!
      I know, you know, I don’t know. I am definitely interested in your thoughts. I was trying to find other bloggers making illustrated posts for little kids in order to cross promote but had no luck. Honestly I get no search engine traffic to these posts either, sigh. But even if I can’t increase interest in these they are still fun and good practice for me if I decide to venture into the world of children’s publishing. Another though would be to evolve it in a way that it could get traffic. Not sure how. Maybe I could make them appeal to adults more. I try to do this sometimes by including thoughts/ideas for moms at the end. Or maybe they could have interactive elements to give them a reason for being on a screen. Maybe like a mobile magazine for kids with interactive elements. Or maybe I could start a blogging network to promote this kind of blogging. Moms and kids would be more likely to explore a site that had illustrated content for kids, I think, if it had variety and the work of many people. Hey, thanks for the opportunity to brainstorm!

  2. I love to walk. I enjoy walking my kids to school. That is one of my favorite times of the day. And yes it is healthier for us and the earth.
    We made a conscious choice to move walking distance to certain places, but still feel like the burbs. We all need to take part in making those choices .
    Alma recently posted..Saving Time and #IPPPMy Profile

    • Thanks Alma! I wish we were close enough to walk to school. We do walk to the park though.

  3. A published children’s book author and illustrator told me the market is huge for children’s nonfiction right now. Maybe you could develop this a little bit more and make it into a book!
    Krista recently posted..A ReminderMy Profile

    • Thanks Krista! I love children’s nonfiction! That is definitely a project that is on my long (to do) list!

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