Our Little Visitor

little visitor

In addition to a husband and wife, parents, children, and siblings, there is now a grandfather, step grandmother, foster parents, an exceptionally young uncle, an aunt, a grandchild, and a niece in our house.  All these new roles were delivered in one adorable little 16 month old bundle last week.

After just two days this little miss has identified me as the mother “type” in the house and cries when I leave and shows jealousy when she sees me cuddling my son and daughter.  I am surprise at how quickly this happened and I am absolutely amazed at what an easy baby she is!  She will eat anything and everything.  She ate (neatly I might add) a peanut butter and jelly sandwich today and then swiped half of my daughters.  She loves her milk but will also drink water.  She loves bananas and oranges.  She’s had eggs and broccoli too.  So far there hasn’t been anything she hasn’t liked!  She sleeps great, wakes in a good mood, and never complains or cries!  I had no idea babies could be this easy!  My daughter is proving to be an excellent mother’s helper.  My son is a bit baffled by her baby antics but I am certain this experience will prove to be character building for him.

There is really no way to not get attached to this happy little baby but truthfully It will feel really good to hand her to back to her mama in a couple months because it will mean that my step daughter is doing well and that will be great.  Until then we are planning to have lots of fun with our little visitor!


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    • It really is! Although we are running out of places to put thing high up! Our kitchen trash can is sitting on our counter!

    • She really is! I think she is enjoying the playtime with her little aunt and uncle too!

    • Oh boy! I never thought I would have a hard time with the granny thing but I totally do! But thanks we are enjoying her emensly!

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