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Children of the Tipi Review & Giveaway


During spring vacation we visited the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. It is one of our favorite things to do. This time my kids especially enjoyed the shark exhibit! Me, I was humbled all over again by the poster that greets you. It quotes Dunford & O’Brien’s Secrets in the Sand…  

When the Pilgrims first stepped upon the shores of Cape Cod Bay in the cold, forbidding November of 1620, they found not a new world but an old one – an ancient landscape that bore the traces of 10,000 years of human endeavor. Fields, gardens, villages, and well-worn paths had been etched indelibly into a mosaic of environments that in 1620 defined Cape Cod.

Children of the Tipi: Life in the Buffalo Days is a scrapbook of photos, artifacts, and quotes from native people who remember what nomadic life was like on the Plains. All aspects of traditional life are touched upon from meals, family roles, and play to values and attitudes about nature and life. This book is edited by Michael Oren Fitzgerald who has written and/or edited more than 15 Native American books which have received many awards and are used in many schools.

I was initially surprised to not see commentary to tie the quotes with the images and string one section to the next but after a few pages I think I got it. The quotes and image match-ups are both informative and poetic. Each page is meant to be paused and pondered. We discussed and we used our imaginations to bring these memories to life! Also I ended up browsing through it a second and third time to study the images which are fascinating!

This is from my favorite quote in the book…

The old people liked to remove their moccasins and walk with bare feet on the sacred earth.

The old Lakota was wise. He knew that man’s heart away from nature becomes hard. He knew that lack of respect for growing, living things led to lack of respect for humans. So he kept his youth close to nature.

-Standing Bear, Oglala Lakota

I also really like one about how they tamed horses with kindness and one about what it means to be brave…

The truly brave man yields neither to fear nor anger, desire nor agony. He is at all times the master of himself.

-Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa), Wahpeton Dakota

Check it out at amazon and enter with rafflecopter for a chance to win a copy (US residents only please)!

Children of the Tipi: Life in the Buffalo Days

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I definitely recommend checking out this book!

Also get inspired by this great book to get in touch with nature, tell stories, or make crafts like a coil pot out of air dry clay or corn husk dolls!

I love going to Plimoth Plantation and visiting the native Wampanoag Homesite.  Please share a favorite book, film, exhibit, or place from which you have enjoyed learning about Native Americans.

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Thank you Wisdom Tales for the review and giveaway copies of this book!

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  1. We have a wonderful museum in Norman, Ok, Sam Noble Natural History Museum. There is a wonderful Native American exhibit there.

    Kinx’s Book Nook

    • This giveaway book is about like on the Plains but I think you will still enjoy it. I still need to find a good one about the Wampanoags!

    • I would love to go to the grand canyon ever since that Brady Bunch episode : )

      Sounds like a great story!!!

  2. Hello Ann!
    So nice to connect with you…I really appreciate that you visited my blog and left your link…you are right…I would have missed coming here. :)

    I’d love to win a copy of this book…I have been captivated by the stories of the native American Indians since I was a child. I have a set of paper back books I got at a used book store…published in 1940 by the United States Department of the Interior – Bureau of Indian Affairs. One is called ‘Little Boy with Three Names’ and I hope to write a series of picture books based on it. When I lived in Connecticut, we would sometimes find bits and pieces of arrowheads in the fields. Now I am in Colorado, another state steeped in Indian history.

    Perhaps a prerequisite for assuming a government position should be a thorough education in the words of the Indian chiefs…they understood the fragile balance that exists between man and nature. :)
    Vivian Kirkfield recently posted..Sunday Post: Mother’s DayMy Profile

    • I like what you wrote!

      How cool you found arrow heads! As kids were were always looking too!

      Thanks for stopping by and glad to made a new connection too!!!

  3. My favorite book about Native Americans is called Bloodland. It is quite sad but about the area I grew up. I would love to win this book and hope our local library will carry it for all the kids in the community.

  4. This is great- I remember (clearly) an exhibit from the natural history museum when I was growing up. It was a scene of Native Americans with a freshly-killed animal, and it was so lifelike and exciting when I was a kid. It made a huge impression. It’s funny to think about that as compared to how sophisticated museum exhibits are now, but just seeing the scene in 3-d made it so much more interesting to me as a kid than just learning about it in school.
    Jeanette Nyberg recently posted..Guest Post and an Interesting TidbitMy Profile

  5. This would be totally loved by our little ‘sprites’ who are fascinating by all things different.

    I’m entering for sure.

    Love Elle

  6. I love history museums. What a great way to learn and have history come alive. I am heading to Colonial Williamsburg in VA on Monday. I noted this museum for when I go up to MA. The last time I was up there I got to Plymouth and Salem.

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