House of Life

house of life

Lots of people live in wood houses.  Imagine that your wood house was alive!  And instead of a basement it had roots.  

baobab roots

And instead of siding it had bark.  Imagine it grew as your family grew.

baobab bark

And for a few months a year it produced healthy leaves, fruit, and seeds to eat.

baobab leaves

The Baobab or Tree of Life in Africa can live a long long time.  Very old Baobab trees grow very wide hollow trunks and are capable of surviving droughts by storing water.  Can you guess where they put it?

hollow baobab

The hollow inside makes a perfect living space.

door baobab

Just add a door!

plan baobab

And enjoy the naturally curvy walls!

elevation baobab

Inside you might consider adding a loft and outside perhaps a deck in the canopy.

stars baobab

But don’t forget to be kind to your home after all it is a living tree!

* * *

There are several types of Baobab trees native to Africa, Madagascar, and Australia.

This story is inspired by Poetrees, a book of tree poems by Douglas Florian I recommended in this post.

* * *


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    • Thanks! I guess I should point out the floorplan and the elevation views, that would be educational too.

    • I guess we are going to have to check out the Berenstein Bears, I didn’t know they lived in a tree!

    • Thanks Adriana! Would love to link up an art piece of yours!
      I can’t believe I have never read that, adding it to my list!

    • Thanks V! I love a good starry night! You have to get away from civilization to really see them.

    • We saw one on the safari ride at Disney. It looked so strange and dead actually in tropical Florida. So unusual. There are other types that are REALLY strange looking and sometimes they are called upside down trees because their branches look like roots.

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