First of a little update on my weird symptoms. I am feeling progressively better all the time. I still have times when I have symptoms with intensity behind them but it is less intense and lasts a couple hours instead of a couple days. I feel stronger but my left arm, which had the worst symptoms, seems the least back to normal. It moves in slow motion when I type. Even though I am feeling better I must admit I feel suspicious and fearful, looking over my shoulder for its return. One weird thing though, since I have been feeling better I have developed a persistent dizzy feeling when I move my head. I don’t know if it’s connected or not. Since I am feeling better my goal is to build on that with better habits. At my worst it really zapped me of my motivation and I want to eat better and start getting more exercise.

My freelance work has slowed this past month which has been great timing for our little visitor. She is a super easy baby. She eats well and sleeps great but like most 18 month olds she gets into everything! She can pull apart an entire room in moments! In some ways I feel like I am playing defense all day grabbing drinks just in time or tablets or quickly saving a pile of laundry or closing the bathroom door. My daughter is so good with her. She will sit with her in the pack-n-play and they play blocks together. She reads to her. Sometimes she will just,out of the blue, look over at me and say, isn’t she so cute? My five year old son however is finding it challenging. I think with a new siblings there is more time to get used to the idea and form a bond before the baby is grabbing and licking your toys! He has been getting really upset and so we have been spending a lot of time helping him come up with solutions like putting toys away or up high and giving her another toy as you take away yours and encouraging him to build towers he doesn’t mind if she knocks down. I think it is also helpful to explain that she is not able to build towers but she is great at knocking them down! And of course we try and praise him for every little nice thing he does for or with her and we encourage him to express his feelings about the situation. By bedtime I am pretty pooped these days!

I am really enjoying seeing my neighborhood explode with color this spring and I’m sharing lots of photos on Instagram.  My one complain is how muggy it has been. I really don’t mind the heat but humidity I don’t like. Still I am trying to make an effort to go for walks. I feel sticky, our wood floors feel sticky. It makes me want to do nothing. Are you noticing a theme here? I am a little tired these days. Another thing contributing to this is that my husband and I have been binge watching miniseries on Netflix. It started with The Killing, then House of Cards which were both great, then Top of the Lake, then The Silence, and now we are watching The Fall. We really like the British ones. For one thing you hardly ever see a gun in these crime dramas.

Lastly I wanted to tell you that I am more seriously working on the idea of writing and illustrating a children’s book. I have dusted off my copy of Writing and Illustrating Children’s Books for Publication. I joined the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. I submitted a piece to Babybug. I am participating in Illustration Fridays and I made a new page in my OneNote journal for ideas. I am still a scaredy-cat but this blog and my readers encouraging comments has given me the confidence to at least try. The worst that can happen is they can say no. No big deal. You guys will still like me!


Off to Staples, my daughter wants a new journal…


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  1. I hope you feel much better very soon. We are here on the Cape and loving the cooler evenings.
    Your illustrations are a joy and a book would be amazing!

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better Ann. You are an inspiration to me how you do it all. I see very good things in your future as a children’s book writer/illustrator!! Xo

  3. Oh Ann, how happy you made me with that post! :) I keep my fingers crossed for your professional adventure – you are made for this!
    About the symptomps – I might have asked before but have you visited a doctor?
    I can’t stand humidity either. And both May and June are pretty much all about thunderstorms in Poland so wee-hee, more work for me.
    Have a great week!
    Xoxo from wet Polish home with dirty floors and no-one to clean them 😉
    Alexandra recently posted..Tech-Loving Moms: One Step Ahead – Guest PostMy Profile

    • I don’t like when my house feel damp which is a lot lately.
      I have been seeing a couple different doctors but so far they haven’t found any cause for my problem.
      Thanks for your encouragement, Alexandra!

  4. Soooo excited that you’re getting serious about getting published!!! And how you described handling your son’s angst over his toys getting knocked over and licked is such a great way to keep the peace as much as possible and help him understand she’s not doing it on purpose to ruin his life! But, like you say, exhausting.

    I’m glad you’re feeling mostly better, and I hope the dizziness goes away soon.

    You know this, but worrying about whether your symptoms might come back won’t help one bit! It just robs you of the joy of having fewer symptoms at the moment.
    Elisa | blissfulE recently posted..Queen NikkiMy Profile

  5. My friend Stella had dizzy spells for a week and it turned out to be a virus, after many rounds of testing and doctors. I’m not sure if that is what it is for you but I sure am glad you feel better.

    There seems to be conferences where all the authors attend. SCBxx? Julie Hedlund has a blog for you . She also introduces children’s author agents and you can often win a review by one of them. There is a 12 x 12 challenge where folks write a picture book a month that also might appeal to you. Check out her blog. I think it will help you.
    PragmaticMom recently posted..Rising First Grade Summer Reading ListMy Profile

    • My too! Just a wait and see now and an MRI in November.
      Julie’s site sounds great! Thanks for the tip!

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