Multi-age Play Ideas

multi-age play

My older kids don’t always include the baby in their play. There are just some activities that are not very baby friendly. They go in their room and shut the door.  What do they do in there?  Lately the have been coloring, playing board games, and having “book club”. Usually it is fine for the baby too because she has things that she likes to do that they don’t, like trying on everyone’s shoes, getting into the cabinets, or pulling books out of the bookshelf. My favorite though is when they all come together and play!

Here are some of the activities I have observed my multi-age kids (7, 5, and 1.5) enjoy together.  


I wrote about the value of blocks in this post which also included links to sets I like. Typically how they play is the two older kids build their own towers and the baby wants to knock things down. I encourage them to show the baby how to build small houses with just two blocks and to build two of their own. One they don’t mind getting knocked down.

Building forts

The big kids get into the construction aspect and the little one like to get cozy with the pillows and is delighted with the enclosure (briefly anyway).  Tents and tunnels are great too.  I this this pirate ship tent and space tunnel.

Stuffed animals

My kids love stuffed animals. They cuddle them, make them talk, take care of them, and since we don’t have actual animals they are their pets and boy do we have some exotic pets like these from Wild Republic.

Dress up with scarves

We have some play silk scarves plus they play with my cast offs. They come to me for tying and pinning. Reoccurring characters are the knight and princesses of the land, sea, and forest with our green, blue, and brown scarves.

Musical instruments

We have an eclectic assortment of instruments including several handmade ones.  Here’s a link to musical instrument play sets from Amazon.

Doctor’s kit

We have a couple sets plus we have supplemented these with real medicine droppers and reusable bandages.  Amazon has an extensive selection if you are in the market.

Little People

We got out the little people when the baby arrived and all three kids have fun playing with these. We have the castle and airplane, zoo train, the minivan, and lots of little people and animals. You can check out Amazon’s selection here.  Recently I saw this set and was so tempted!

And tea party

My older kids have tea parties with real tea and actual food but have rediscovered imaginary food and tea are fun too which is more age appropriate for babies.  I love this set.  It is great for girls AND boys!

What are some toys your multi-age kids enjoy together? Please share!


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  1. Very nice ideas Ann,

    I think you are right on. Everything that you listed, all of my kids love.

    Scooter is an excellent idea. We have these little carts in the shed that Ava and Grayson play on. They pretend that they are cars. Well…Ava does. Grayson and I just play along, but it’s really fun for all.

    I think it’s important for everyone to adapt. It looks like your family has that mastered!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    BTW, do you have an email list? I can’t fnd it. I really want to comment everyday, and I just can’t seem to do the RSS thing. I feel like I’m always catching up on your blog – and I hate that.

    Let me know.
    Lisa Nelson recently posted..Buxom Set GiveawayMy Profile

    • Ride ons are a great one! I was just noticing yesterday my son pulling the baby around the house on our Little Tikes ride on truck. I was so happy about this bonding moment for them!

      If you click on the RSS feed link there is an email option. If you mean that doesn’t work for you I know you can also subscribe through WordPress because I have a few followers that way but I don’t know how that works! I will look into it. Maybe I can just set up a widget.

      I feel the same about your site. I have to go get my self signed up at Squishable Baby ASAP!

    • You have a pretty good age difference I think, right?!
      I was spoiled having two two years apart. They are pretty well match playmates.

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