Nature Prints

nature prints

Did you spend the morning working in your yard in the hot sun?  Okay, I didn’t either but why not reward yourself anyway with a fun summer art project in the shade (or AC)!

What you’ll need…  

  • hedge trimmings
  • tempera paint
  • newspaper
  • brushes
  • heavy paper

printmaking with clippings

Here’s how…

  1. Think a little about your composition.  I had something like this (with a variety of leaf and flowering tree colors) in mind.
  2. Make up your palette (I used a paper plate and added a blob of red, green, purple, yellow, and white).
  3. Mix some colors; to get the red maple color I added a little purple to the red, to make lavender I added a little purple to white, and to get a new green I combined green and yellow.
  4. Select a clipping, place it on a piece of newspaper, and generously coat it with paint.
  5. Place it paint side down on your heavy paper, place a folded piece of newspaper over it, and press evenly.
  6. Repeat step 5 with different colors and clippings until you are happy with your composition!

The best part?  There’s very little clean up.  Just ball up your paper plate, clippings, and newspaper then toss!

Do you have a favorite summer art project (nature inspired on not)?  Please share (links welcome)!


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    • Oh me too! I felt so relaxed the last couple days! It is not going to last. We start swimming on Monday.

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