Printable 4th Invitation

printable 4th invitation

Are you having a 4th of July party?  We’re not, really, but honestly, it is always a party around here.  Next Thursday it will just happen to have a red, white, and blue theme.  Planning the same?  Why not print out some of these customizable invitations to step it up a little!  

You just need a printer, card stock, a craft knife, and something to decorate them with.

After you print the PFD card (4th of july invitation) have your mom cut the star shape.  Then fold each point along the dotted line.  Decorate the front of the invitation so the white star pops.  I used kite paper which is similar to tissue paper but a little more substantial and easier to handle.  I cut out a bunch of red and blue confetti pieces and attached them with a glue stick.  It was fun.  Then add the party info inside.

Now it’s time to plan your menu.  I suspect there might be a lot of great ideas on Pinterest.  Heading over there now!

Have a great Independence Day everyone!


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    • Thanks! What a great birthday!!! I guess you have to like stars and stripes for your birthday decorations!

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