(interests + ambition) x blogging = a marketable you

Transform Your Interests & Ambitions into Something Uniquely You & Marketable Through Blogging

interest + ambition

I always had interests. I always had half baked ambitions but it wasn’t until blogging that I figured out how to combine them it a way that was potentially marketable and uniquely me.

Just do it

I never thought I would blog daily or even want to when I started but it is really fun to put something out there everyday or nearly everyday. And you know what? You get better at it. I can see from looking back over a couple years of blogging improvements in my writing, image making, and efficiency.


Sure you could do all this work and keep it in a private journal. You would even improve but I am telling you there is nothing like putting yourself out there. People will support you, admire you, tell you what what they like. Maybe disagree with you at times. I think the courage to share makes you feel powerful. I think this pin sums it up. Very quickly you will discover that thing you wanted to do you are doing!

Learn from others

Once you start blogging you will discover your network. By joining blogging networks like Blogher, being active in social media like Twitter and Facebook, and searching out your interests you will find blogs you enjoy visiting. Leave comments and some will even visit you back. Learn from them. See what works for them and get inspired!


When you put yourself out there and try new things you are going to have flops. Maybe you will write posts you are later embarrassed by because either they are just bad or not you. Maybe you decide not to post them. Maybe you don’t discover just how off they are until after you post them. Maybe you update them later or not. Maybe they will just get buried forever deep in your blog with better content on top. These are the ones that really help us grow by showing us what not to do and who we are not.

Evolve organically

I know lots of blogger have it all figured out. They have a mission statement, schedule their posts, etc. But for us still in the discovery stage we should feel free to try something different then something different again and see what works for us and others. Always a major consideration for me is time since I have other time consuming responsibilities (but who doesn’t right?!). My new I Spy series is a great solution for me to share fun anecdotes and facts about nature and practice my illustration in a quick way.

Are you a blogger? Do you agree? Anything I missed? Please share!

Not a blogger but inspired to start one? I helped my kids set up blogs in five minutes with blogger.

If you want to make a little money, have your own domain name, and more control, here is a great post by my sister that I used on how to set up a WordPress blog.

It may not always be easy.  Read this post by Vanita, The Strategic Mama, about staying true to your voice.


I'm a practical mom inspired by nature & I enjoy sharing ideas that encourage kids' innate curiosity & creativity. Interested in subscribing? Check out the blue box at the top of my sidebar. I'm also a wannabe author/illustrator & product designer by day. Let's connect! doodlesandjots@hotmail.com. If you purchase through my Amazon links I get a small commission at no additional cost to you (thanks for supporting Doodles and Jots)! And remember to always credit your source here & elsewhere on the internet.


  1. I like this- it’s not so much a how-to (there are so many of those out there), but more of some inspiration. I set Fen up with a blog a few days ago and it’s magical to her that she can publish her words for all the world to see!
    Artchoo recently posted..A Big Old Moon Art ProjectMy Profile

    • So true, I don’t think I am saying anything new but I would love to encourage someone because I think blogging is so great!
      I love blogging for kids. I want to start encouraging my kids a little more. My daughter writes a lot but for some reason she doesn’t want to share it on her blog.

  2. What an informative, but still personal post! I do like to see you successful bloggers still passing on tips and tricks.
    Thanks for the link to your sister’s blog, I am going to have a good read.
    I follow Vanita and will be looking up her WordPress post too. I am about to be an expert!!! Ha!
    I love that the kids are all setting up blogs, that could be another whole post about how that is going and how you (and Jeanette) are guiding the young ‘uns through the ‘what to post/what not to post’ waters of the blogging sea.
    Love Clare x

    • Haha! Successful blogger! If I am you are too!
      I really think anyone could benefit from blogging, don’t you?
      I wish my kids would post more often. They are always coming up with cool things but I don’t push.

  3. I love it Ann! I have learned so much about myself, my limitations, my ambitions…from blogging.

    It has been a great and tiring experience.

    Like you, I never thought about blogging – really? It took me about a year to work myself up to doing it. Literally, I thought about it for a year. That’s how long it took me to commit myself to doing it. It was just in the back of my mind. I kept telling myself I should start – but always had excuses.

    It’s been difficult but really really rewarding.

    For me, the inspiration comes from others. I need friends which inspire me to fuel my own blog. Sounds weird, huh?
    Lisa Nelson recently posted..A Giveaway Exclusively For Newsletter Subscribers – Subscribe To Enter and Win!My Profile

  4. Oh yeah (too long winded I know) but Janette shared a story a while ago that sat in my mind.

    She was at a blogging conference and a big blogger told her her blog was a fail because the name didn’t match up with the content. She shared how shocked an defeated she felt.

    I think about that often – simply because I have felt that, and I don’t want to feel that way again – at least not about blogging.
    Lisa Nelson recently posted..A Giveaway Exclusively For Newsletter Subscribers – Subscribe To Enter and Win!My Profile

    • I remember that and it reminded me a little too much of work and performance reviews which I couldn’t stand!

  5. I love that you matter how you are doing (or messed up), tomorrow is always a new day. The nature of blogging is such that if you DON’T think your earliest posts are bad, then you are doing something wrong! I liken it to drinking out of a firehose. You are always learning and improving which is wonderfully exciting but the best part is meeting your “tribe.” Thanks for being part of mine.
    PragmaticMom recently posted..Rising Kindergarten Summer Reading ListMy Profile

  6. Annie – this post was very inspiring. I’m so glad that we share blogging. I always knew you would be good at it but you’ve taken it way beyond good.

    I too have found that I have learned so much through my blogging. Starting a new one out this month. Wish me luck.

    I love self expression through blogging because you reach people who are looking for what you are talking about. As opposed to say my partner, son, or neighbor might not be interested in “today’s” topic. I like connecting with others and building that community of like minded folk.

    Thanks for the shout out on my blogging guide!

    • The Internet is an amazing place! You can find like minded people all around the world.
      Thanks Kris for all your encouragement and if it wasn’t for you I probably would never have gotten started. Best wishes for your new site!

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