How’d I End up with a Greenhouse?

You’ve heard about the guy with the zoo right?  Well, he has a brother…

How'd I End up with a Greenhouse

My house felt stuffy so I got a tree for oxygen.  

greenhouse tree

I had a fly problem so I got a bunch of Venus flytraps.

greenhouse venus flytrap

I was hungry so I got vegetable plants.

greenhouse eggplant

I got a flowering bush for decoration.

greenhouse flowers

Then some wildflowers crashed the party.

greenhouse wildflowers

My water bill went through the roof so I got a couple cactuses.

greenhouse cactus

Then the plants got together and demanded more sun so I got more windows.


How’d I end up with a greenhouse?

The End 

Thanks Crab, Crab, Fish for the idea!


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    • Thanks Lisa! It was a fun one. My brother recently got back from Arizona and told me it takes a hundred years for a cactus to grow that big!

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