My Sweet (Little) Parasite

“You made the right decision Ann, this is a big baby!”

csection birth story

That’s what I remember, and how LOUD he was. Right away I had the motherly instinct to control my screaming child so that these nice medical people could do their jobs.

It was right around my due date that my doctor called to recommend a c-section because my baby’s estimated weight was 10 1/2 pounds.  He explained the risks of shoulder dystocia (when a shoulder gets stuck behind the pelvic bone during birth) increase dramatically as a baby gets that big. I did some reading about it and reluctantly agreed. I did not want a c-section. I have not wanted a c-section since I was a kid and my mother almost died having her fifth Caesarian delivery. My fears were somewhat realized too. I started noticing a hard lump on my abdomin that kept getting bigger no matter how much the recovery room nurse massaged it. By the time I got to my room my blood pressure had dropped and they rushed me to an ultrasound then back to the ER. My mother was there and together we asked the doctor to try and save my uterus. My husband who had left for work after an all clear, was on on his way back to the hospital.  What a scary ordeal. When I did wake up again, happy to be alive, I had to wait on the operating table until they got the instrument count right. And yes I still had a uterus. The bleeding was in the abdomen muscles.  By the time I got back to my room this time I was in some serious pain and seriously out of it for the next 12 hours. I had compression cuffs on my legs and a large pile of blankets on my my stomach. I couldn’t move even the tiniest bit without sharp burning pain. Did I have a baby? I wasn’t thinking about a baby. I guess the nurses had him, I didn’t even ask. On day two they did finally bring me my bundle. One nurse joked that I didn’t have newborns I had toddlers!

I stayed the full 5 days which is unheard of these days but I really needed it and when I did go home I wasn’t able to lay down because I wouldn’t have been able to get back up again. I sat in the recliner, nursed my loud yet sweet baby, took pain pills, and admired the black and blue mark that covered my abdomen, backside, and right thigh. That’s how it went for a few more days until I slowly started to feel better.

What a dramatic ending to a dramatic pregnancy.

We were a happy little family. I was working full time and excited every day to pick up my 18 month old from a daycare I loved and bring her home with me where we would nurse and cuddle. It was pure bliss. I had trouble getting pregnant with her but not with him! I found out during my c-section that my uterus was all scarred from Endometriosis. My doctor said it was amazing I was able to get pregnant at all.  And yet practically without trying I was suddenly pregnant again. Things had to change. We couldn’t put two in this very pricey daycare. Almost right after my husband and I started talks I started getting sick. It got so bad so fast. It was a Friday and I felt sick after lunch.  I went home a little early and was then stuck in bed all weekend with what felt like a stomach flu. I called my doctor’s answering service and when I went to his office Monday morning he admitted me to the hospital for several days for IV fluids. After that he sent me home with Zofran which took the edge off the nausea but not enough to stop me from losing weight or prevent another hospitalization. I did start to replace the weight I lost during the first half of my pregnancy but my Hyperemesis gravidarum (which is what extreme morning sickness is called) lasted the full nine months. Somehow I managed to grow a huge baby despite the fact I couldn’t eat. I gave birth to a 10-3 baby at a net loss of 4 pounds to me. I guess he took what he needed like a parasite. Anything I ate made me feel like I was poisoned. My whole pregnancy I had to plan ahead. If I was going to eat I needed a place to lay down after for at least a half hour. I had to stop working. Thank you short term and long term disability.

Then after my traumatic pregnancy and delivery I really needed a break. I couldn’t go back to work 3 months later. So that was that.

I loved being home with my new baby and toddler. I did eventually start freelancing but just part time. Would you believe even after all that I wanted another baby?! I guess it wasn’t meant to be but that motherly instinct is so strong.

Here’s the video…

I love a good birth story. You can read about my first here. And please share your birth story links in comments!


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    • Yes, I remember it, and from what I remember you were a trooper! Didn’t you take public transportation to the hospital?! Loved it!!!
      My daughter was 9-3 and she was a vacuum delivery so that might have been my limit ; )

  1. Whoa lady. I love reading your birth story.

    I have been thinking about writing out mine for a while now. Sounds like a good week long series to me.


    One day soon I will bite the bullet and do it. So many things I want to talk about though.

    Thanks for sharing – and whoa, look at that belly. Gray was 10 lb 4 oz and I never got that big. Body type. I’m a lot wider than you soooooooo – it all spreads out.


    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • 10-4!!! Now I really want to read yours!
      BTW, I could easily have made it twice as long. Such an eventful time!!!

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