Red Light, Green Light, Go!

Printable DIY Traffic Light for Toy Cars

Traffic Light Craft

There are lots of printable traffic signs in the land of “All Signs Point to Fun”.  There are also lots of environmentally friendly signs but lately “Fun” is experiencing a population boom and with it increased traffic making lights necessary (at least at a few major intersections).  I know, I know, your toy cars will probably complain at first having to sit through light cycles but I will assure you it will improve traffic in the long run and will make play driving safer.

What you’ll need…  

  • printer
  • card stock
  • bottle cap
  • red, yellow, and green tissue paper
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • craft knife
  • glue-stick

Here’s how…

  1. Print out the following PDF on card stock: DIY Traffic Lights for Kids
  2. Cut out pieces alone the solid lines and fold pieces along dashed lines.
  3. Place slider inside the tri-folded traffic light.  The black pill shape should be on top facing front with the flap hanging over top opening.
  4. Now punch out the bottom hole only, remove slider, refold, and punch out the remaining two holes.
  5. Now it’s time to add the lights.  Apply glue to the inside front of the tri-folded traffic light piece and attach a small squares of tissue paper over each hole.
  6. Next seal up the tri-fold traffic light piece (slider inside) with your glue stick.
  7. Cut a slot in the your plastic bottle cap to stand your traffic light in.
  8. Add hot glue inside the cap to help the light stay straight (if needed).
  9. Now you’re ready to use the tab on the top of the slider to change the light!

Need a little inspiration for toy car play?

Check out this picture book.  The clever little boy in Red Light, Green Light by Anastasia Suen uses all kinds of things he finds to set up the ultimate vehicle play set (illustrations by Ken Wilson-Max).

Do you know who invented the traffic light?

A man named Garrett Morgan who was born in Kentucky in 1877 to freed slaves.  Even though he only had a sixth grade education he became a very successful entrepreneur and the traffic light was not his only life saving invention!  Read more here.

And of course you’ll need roads…

You can make your own out of a big piece of cardboard or invest in a fun, colorful roadway mat.  Check out these tiles from Edushape (click on image for more info)…


Need a little bit of fresh air and physical activity?

How about a game of Red Light, Green Light which helps develop self control.  This game is best with a group.  Have one person be the traffic light and stand at least 20 feet away from the starting line.  This person calls green light and looks away briefly then calls red light then turns to face the group.  The group runs during green light but they’re out if caught moving during red light.  The first one to reach the traffic light person wins.

* * *

Drive safe everyone and for more fun check out It’s Playtime at Kids Activities Blog!


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