DIY Mid-length Haircut

DIY midlength haircut

I feel like I should start this post with a bunch of disclaimers like results may vary and not all hair is the same.  I am also not a professional stylist and if you ask my husband he thinks I should go to the salon and “get pampered” but in all truthfulness I prefer how I cut my hair to most of the haircuts I have had over the years in salons.  I am really not trying to put anyone out of business and think there are lots of talented stylists but if you are looking to save a little money or you have trouble communicating exactly what you want to a stylist then maybe a DIY haircut is something to consider. I thought about trying it for a long time before I actually had the courage and I was so glad I did because it came out great!  All my hair cutting knowledge has come from observations in a stylist’s chair (modified so I can perform all cuts myself from the front).  This is the only style I have tried and I am not sure I would or could try something more complicated.  I have fine hair that can be a little frizzy so this cut works great for me.

How to Cut Your Own Hair

  1. I start with just washed wet hair and use quality sharp scissors.  Standing in front of the bathroom mirror I divide my hair as if I was going to put it in pigtails.  Then I comb and gather my hair from one side flat between my thumb and the rest of my fingers.
  2. Then I snip small V’s in a line like I have seen stylists do.  I repeat the same cut on the other side and use my collar bone as a guide for where to start.  Before I move on to the next step I comb all the hair together to one side then the next to make sure they are the same length.
  3. Next I gather all my hair from my crown line and comb straight up (the crown line would be as if you put a bowl on your head) to create long layers.  I gather it again between my thumb and fingers and make my little V cuts straight across starting at the length of the shortest hairs.
  4. To create long bangs, I comb forward a section with a V shaped part and cut little V’s across again right below my lips (remember hair gets shorter when it dries).
  5. That is really it!  The last step it to blow dry with a large round brush and check for strays.

Do you cut your own hair or have you ever tried?  Please share your tips!


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  1. Right now, I would like to cut my hair off – entirely. Actually, my hair hasn’t been cute in many moons (hence the desire to shave it off). Calling it hair is a misnomer. It actually feels like a rat on the top of my head.

    Anywho, it looks like you have some talent in cutting – which is awesome. I don’t like going to the salon because it’s an all day thing. For some reason, people who cut African American hair tend to overbook and you sit there all day waiting. I hate it. I have better things to do with my life, then sitting around chatting about nothing.

    I don’t like it.

    Guess I’m cranky. I want to get in and out. If I’m paying $150, I don’t want to wait around for hours.
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