I saw all these enormous clouds on the way home from my work trip to New Jersey this week.  A lot of them looked like monsters…  One was a red blotch on my breast and my probably irrational, Google driven fear of inflammatory breast cancer.  Another was rabies.  My son was bitten while I was away by a dog a week overdue on his shots.  Then there was my eye pain and moments of shaky vision which I think is associated with my ongoing MS worries.  Pile on hard to get appointments on Cape Cod, work responsibilities, home, family responsibilities, a cold, my period, and I’m feeling battle scarred.  Being a parent had supercharged my anxiety.

My mother came with me on my work trip.  It was the bright spot of the week.  We had nice dinners and endless conversations on our 6 hour of driving there and back.  If you have never taken your mother on a business trip, I highly recommend it.  I mean when was the last time YOU were tucked into bed by your mom?!  We were going to take an extra day and go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York but my heart wasn’t in it.  My biggest worry was my son.  If there was even a 1 in a million chance he could have been exposed to rabies I wanted him taken to the ER and our pediatrician concurred.  My husband took him and the ER doctor called me as we were on our way home.  He didn’t want to start him on the rabies shots for several reasons including the dogs 10 years of built up immunity from as many shots and since the bite was on his hand there would be plenty of time to still give him the shots if the dog were to develop symptoms of rabies (which would have to happen over the next 10 days for him to have been contagious at the time of the bite).  He so patiently explained these things to me and it really did calm me.  If I had gotten that call before we started home I might have been fine to stick with our museum plans.  My mom was so understanding, I supposed because she knows what it is like to be a mom.

Then at a rest stop in Connecticut the sun set beautifully on those clouds.  I am hoping my life will settle down a little and with it my worries.  How do you handle it when life feels overwhelming?  Please share!


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  1. I know how that can feel. For me the fall was always a time of anxiety with school starting up, the change in weather, the change in schedule.
    The thing that always worked for me is getting out of my own head by being busy doing work that demanded all of my attention. That allowed me to take a break from worry.

    Exercise helps too. And a little trick is if I have trouble falling asleep I’ll take advil since it is a muscle relaxant. If I really have trouble sleeping I’ll take a benedryl for sleepiness.

    Sending you love, sis. xoxo
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    • Huh, good idea. Only very occasionally do I have trouble sleeping and when I do I am pretty good at catching up the next night.

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